Based in Manchester, we are a dedicated team of digital marketing enthusiasts who are committed to bringing your brand to life online. Our approach is to get to know each of our clients and their businesses personally, and use our expertise to recommend the best strategies and approaches for their individual needs.


Customer service is at the heart of what we do, and we are dedicated to achieving excellent results for all of our clients. Whether you need a fresh new website, or an ongoing marketing strategy involving several techniques, we can help.


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Social Media Executive & Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Abby, and I look after all social media here for our clients and the company. I maintain social media profiles for clients across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, including paid social adverts. Christian and I work closely on the paid adverts side of things, and we work together to devise social media campaigns to gain our clients more followers and spread the word about their brands.

I enjoy learning about each of our clients’ industries and the issues faced by different sectors. My job requires me to keep up to date with all the latest news relating to telecoms, professional services, health and wellness, photography, charities and many more topics, and I share all the interesting news I find with Louise in order to help her with ideas for blog posts.

Fun Fact: I got engaged this year! 



Hello, I am Christian. I founded this company in 2013 out of a desire to help businesses really make their mark in the online sphere. I spend my day juggling the many responsibilities that running a marketing agency brings with the goal to grow this business and help more and more businesses harness the wonderful benefits of online marketing.

I work closely with all of the staff, and really enjoy leading such a fantastic team. I love everything to do with web design and digital marketing, but my favourite thing is working with our clients. There is no better feeling than making a client happy and contributing to their success.

Fun Fact: I had a trial for Wales’ football team when I was 12. 


Copywriter & Content Marketing Executive

Hello, I’m Louise and I write content for our clients’ websites, blogs and email campaigns. As a former English student I have always enjoyed researching and writing projects, no matter how great or small.

My work at Christian Michaels revolves around creating interesting and insightful copy, carefully formulated to include keywords and SEO boosting language. I enjoy being able to go about my work with creativity and personality as it allows me to create more intriguing copy and enjoy the process of its production.

I work closely with Abby, our social media guru. Once I have written an article we work together to ensure that it reaches the right people and gets noticed! I find content writing to be an incredibly fulfilling pursuit. I work closely with our clients and hearing their positive feedback really does mean the world to me. 

Fun Fact: To be confirmed...


Search Marketing Executive & Data Analyst

Hi, I’m Sultan and I manage all the search optimisation processes for the company and our clients. This covers everything from PPC, to SEO and analytics.  I come from a data orientated background, sifting through and analysing data-heavy content for breakfast.

I optimise our client’s ads and websites by promoting specific keywords and areas that will provide them with the most opportunity, based on their business objectives. I also assist Louise by providing her with lists of key words and phrases to be integrated into content for our clients’ websites/blogs. 

 I work very closely with Christian, monitoring and chartering changes in our clients’ website performance. This allows us to make sure current, real-time information about digital trends are being implemented to increase value for our clients!  


Fun Fact: I’ve had a meal in the world’s tallest building! 


Website Developer

Hello everyone, I’m Renjit and I handle the company’s Web Development tasks. I’ve been working predominantly as a Web Developer for over 10 years now, but on top of this, I’ve also got extensive experience as a graphic designer, which are two skills that I believe go hand in hand. 


After completing my MSc Software Technology degree, I began to practically apply my web development skills, instantly discovering that it’s something which comes very naturally to me. I therefore began to pursue a career in web design and web development, and have been doing it ever since. 

My Web Development background has had me building all manner and complexity of websites using a variety of web development open softwares such as jQuery, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. I am also well versed using HTML and CSS.  I find that as modern technology evolves, so does my understanding of the industry and the way I interact with it.

Working closely with Christian, I build customer-specific websites that are beautifully and dynamically designed, as well as being entirely mobile responsive. I always strive to build simple, clean websites and user interfaces that are easy to use and beautiful to look at. 

Fun Fact: I’ve acted in a couple of short films! 


Videographer & Photographer

Hi I'm Danny, 

My work revolves around making engaging and professional videos for our various clients. I became interested in filming and editing when I was living in Australia where I met a director who taught me a great deal about the wonderful world of  film. Since then, and over the last 5 years, I have been lucky enough to turn my favourite hobby into my profession.

I have worked for a vast array of clients for whom I have conceptualised, filmed and edited videos. My experience is mostly in short films which are delivered with a message, and indeed these are my passion.

I love to get a point across through video, be it for people to attend an event, raise awareness for a cause or promote a product. I look forward to working with you on a project soon!


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