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You want to appear on the first page of the search results, but your website hasn’t secured one of the top spots yet. You know pay per click advertising can provide excellent return on investment but you’re not sure where to start. We are here to help.


PPC management is about more than just creating an ad through Google Ads. The PPC specialists at our digital marketing agency can guide you through the entire process, from pay per click campaign planning to creating dedicated landing pages and measuring the success of your ads.

Landing Page Optimisation

When someone clicks on your advert, you only have a matter of seconds to convert them into a customer before they click off. We will ensure your landing pages are optimised with relevant content and calls to action, which will increase your conversions, improve your quality score and lower your cost per click.

Campaign Planning & Creation

PPC campaigns have to be planned carefully in order to be effective. We take a meticulous approach to planning and creating Google Ads campaigns, by researching the relevant keywords which will drive traffic and using them to write engaging ad copy.

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Regular Reporting

Paid search campaigns offer the ability to make minor adjustments to maximise the performance of your campaign. By monitoring the analytics of your campaign regularly, we can work out what is performing well and what needs improvement, and use the data to make informed decisions about how to get maximum ROI from your campaign.




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Even a well optimised website can struggle in organic searches, but pay per click advertising can reinforce your brand presence and help you climb the Google ladder. Your success is our success, so our PPC experts will constantly monitor how well your ads are doing and make minor adjustments to help you make the most of your pay per click campaign. 

Paid ads on Google will put your website straight at the top of the search results, meaning your business will reach the right people and your conversions will increase. Many of your competitors will likely be utilising this tool, don’t let them have the edge! Some business owners are hesitant about PPC advertising because of the cost, but, if your landing pages are relevant to the ad, your cost per click will come down. Don’t worry if your landing pages aren’t up to scratch, we can help with that too. 

Much like Olympic standard pole vaulting, PPC can be dangerous when attempted without the proper help; costing you money without the conversions. However, again like Olympic standard pole vaulting, when done professionally PPC is a thing of beauty and pretty damn impressive!


First Class Service

We understand the importance of reassurance, which is why our customer service is unrivalled.

Compelling Creative

Our content and PPC teams work closely to guarantee the content of your ads grabs attentions and attracts clicks.

Insights & Analytics

Data monitoring and analysis helps us to consistently improve your campaign performance month on month.

Competitor Research

We do comprehensive research so we know exactly how to counter the competition.

Extensive Knowledge

Our knowledge and understanding of the Google Ads system is second to none, which ensures your campaigns are too

In-House Team

Fancy a catch up, have a query? Your dedicated in-house team are on hand to call, email or visit when you need.


In the six years since our inception, we have been fortunate to work with a wealth of clients from a variety of industries. Here are a few examples of how we have helped our clients develop their businesses, gain recognition and acquire sales.

Foresight Clinical Services

Focus Cleaning Contracts

Tranquil TMS



Let our Digital Agency in Manchester take your tired marketing projects and shake things up to ignite your business’ potential.

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