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Friday Functionality: Why You Should Be Using Google Ad Extensions

Updated: May 16, 2019

Today’s Friday Functionality is about Google Ad extensions and how they can help drive ad clicks, which in turn will drive sales and enquiries. Google Ad extensions allow you to pad out your paid advertisement with additional information which will improve the advert’s appearance in search listings and their efficacy. In this article you will find all of the information you need on how ad extensions are beneficial and the different types of extensions which can be used.

What are Google Ad Extensions?

They complement the format of an advertisement in multiple ways and are designed to make adverts more relevant and engaging. Furthermore, they play an active role in where Ads rank on Google, and therefore can have a positive impact on your cost-per-click. Ad extensions make your Google Ad much larger and therefore they stand out more on the page. Although ad extensions can appear in some organic listings, they are far more likely to appear exactly how you want them to in a paid advert, and with a greater variety of options.

So What Can a Google Ad Extension Display?

Additional site-links – A Google Ad can display 2-6 of these particular extensions, and they can be used to promote product ranges or services like the ones the customer is searching for. For example, if somebody was searching sofa, you could display site links with ‘Leather Sofa’ or ‘Corner Sofa’. Alternatively, you could display ‘Chairs’ or ‘Stools’, as the person searching for a sofa may be redecorating and also require these items. Furthermore, you can also include extensions such as case studies and FAQs, to help build trust.

Service ranges and product types – Google Ad extensions allow you to create Structured Snippet extensions to display a category or range of products or services. For example, if you're a clothing retailer and you sell a range of shirts you could set Structured Snippet extensions to display T-shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Polo Shirts, Short Sleeve Shirts etc.

Business location – These ad extensions are useful for telling people where you are and driving business to a preferred location. This can work well for companies who have multiple bases or just the one.

Price promotions and pricing details – If you’re having a seasonal sale or you have a promotional discount then you can ensure your customers are fully aware! People love a bargain, and by adding a sale or discount extension to your Google Ad, you can entice customers to your pages where they will land on the discounted page they are looking for.

Reviews – If you have received some great feedback from your satisfied customers then why not show off? By displaying your positive reviews on your Google Ad, your prospective customers can see how satisfied others have been with your services, which will make them more likely to click your advert and trust your brand.

USPs – Call-out extensions allow you to pad out your ads with additional and engaging information. For example, instead of just writing ‘Plumber’, you could write, ‘Plumber, based in London, 30 years’ experience, flexible hours’. This additional information allows viewers to learn a little bit more about your business.

Phone number – People can click this and call you directly, without even needing to go to your landing pages! Message extensions are also available, allowing people to text you with an enquiry instantly. By having these means by which customers can get in touch quickly, they will be much more likely to request your services.

What are the Benefits of Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad extensions allow you to promote your products and services far more effectively. Through the use of reviews and call-out extensions you can build trust amongst your client base by giving them some more information on your company. By using structured snippets to detail services ranges and product types, along with price promotions and price details, you can draw your customers to the products they are looking for, and entice them with sales and promotions. Google Ad extensions are a proven way to more effectively market services and products when using Google Ads. If you would like to speak to a Google Ad expert, then get in touch today!



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