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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use LinkedIn

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

LinkedIn for business, when used to its full potential, can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies that are looking to make new connections, generate leads and build their brand. As an exclusively professional social media platform, it is paramount that your business has a LinkedIn presence. While it’s an important device for all businesses, it is an absolute game changer for B2B (business to business) companies.

This article is going to outline just 5 of the many reasons that your business should be using LinkedIn, and how it will revolutionise your marketing strategy.

1. Exclusively Professional User-base

LinkedIn has over 575 million users worldwide, with more than 260 million of those being monthly active users, a further 40% of those accessing it on a daily basis. Of the extensive user-base, each and every account is professional. This means that the content you produce and the audience who interact and engage with your posts are all potential professional connections, whether that be business to business or a way of finding potential employees that match your specific criteria.

For this reason, LinkedIn surpasses other social media platforms as a marketing arena – whilst the more social orientated platforms have a greater reach, the reach of LinkedIn is more elite. At the end of the day it’s about quality, not quantity.

2. Networking Within Specific Groups

An effective marketing strategy isn’t just about reaching the right people – it’s about reaching in the right context. For B2B companies operating in a social space, such as Facebook or Instagram, it can be extremely challenging to engage an audience with professional content when they’re just leisurely scrolling through their personal feeds. On LinkedIn, however, people typically log on with the very intent of discovering professional content and contacts.

When it comes to networking on LinkedIn, you are connecting with like-minded and ‘like-situated’ people. Becoming active in relevant LinkedIn Groups is a great way to interact with and learn from people in your field, as well as make connections which would’ve been otherwise inaccessible to you. LinkedIn helps you gain traction and authority in your niche, with a large number of engaged executives, influencers, and professionals serious about advancing their skills and learning new things. With first, second and third degree “connections,” it’s easy to research companies and build relationships that can help your business grow.

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3. Manage and Produce Company Page Content

Whilst other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are more orientated towards your public image, on LinkedIn, your page predominately represents your professional interests and activities in an industry and job specific sphere. Your company’s LinkedIn page and its content is the most professional way to show people what your company is about, without any face-to-face contact. It is perfect for a brief, to-the-point introduction of what your business stands for and what you do before they meet you.

Another useful feature of a LinkedIn profile is that it ties the profiles of all your employees on the network to your company page profile. Thus, when you, your employees and your company are active on the platform and discussing/sharing subjects of pertinence, prospective customers are more likely to find you. In addition, your company LinkedIn page tends to appear near the top of search results when someone Googles your organisation, thus improving your organic search ranking.

4. Run Ads

LinkedIn hosts over 575 million professionals from around the globe. No matter who your B2B demographic is, they are almost certainly on the platform. With the depth of LinkedIn filters and targeting, your ability to orientate your campaigns and refine the scope of your advertising is unparalleled. You will be able to target your ads towards specific job types and sectors, ensuring the most relevant audience, the businesses most likely to take action; will be exposed to your ads.

5. LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium, although coming at a cost, is definitely a privilege worth paying for. In addition to the aforementioned benefits that come with a standard account, LinkedIn Premium gives you in depth and comprehensive insights into the way people interact with your account and the ways that you can network. It allows you to see everyone who has viewed your personal profile, as opposed to a standard account, where you are limited to only a handful. You are then able to ‘in-message’ them, despite not being connected with them. Alternatively, if you are using the platform to apply for job roles, Premium will give you relevant intelligence about other applicants. In the simplest of terms, LinkedIn premium gives you a competitive edge as you navigate through your professional space.

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While all social media platforms are beneficial to your business, LinkedIn is essential for your business. It provides greater insights, as well as greater opportunity to connect with business professionals than the other big 3 combined. If you want help getting set up with an account, or need advice on how to properly propel your LinkedIn presence, get in touch today and our social media gurus will get you started!


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