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Web Design that Works: Why Creative Typography is Trending and How to Make the Most of It

Like the evolution of fashion hitting the high street, the trends in web design are ever-changing. In fact, with the speed of technological advancement, it is unsurprising that creative and inspired web designers are reaping the benefits of new developments in website capabilities and the associated research into user experience (UX). It has web designers excited to let their creative juices flow, working out how to engage the user, gain their trust and guide them through a website to the client’s services or products page. Everything the web designer does should be on brand and with the user in mind. Here we look at how creative typography helps to do just that.

Typography and Hierarchy: Web Design that Draws In the Users

Once you have the words, they need to come to life. The job of a content writer is to create great stories which inform, engage, and inspire the user. Part of the web designer’s role is to make sure that these words are seen, easily digestible, and lead the user through the pages of a website.

Loud, busy, and chaotic web design is the disaster we never want to encounter. Unless you are a Bear Grills sort, or an A&E worker, you are not necessarily someone who is able to succinctly, calmly, and successfully take on a big problem solving scenario. Okay, bad web design is not so extreme as sleeping in a seal skin, or suddenly dealing with simultaneous cardiac arrest and drunken brawlers, but the point stands. In being thrown into a wild website that we cannot digest, we will likely click the ‘I’m an unhappy website user, get me out of here’ exit button whilst Mr Grills tackles waterfalls and spear-fishing.

Visual hierarchy is one of the fundamental principles in web design. It is essential that when arriving at a website’s homepage, we can easily and happily have the information spoon fed to us, our hand held through the process. The size of text, its weight and its positioning will help to signpost the route you wish the user to take.

Typography to Breathe Life into Web Design

To establish a successful online presence, your website needs to offer the personality that technology negates. This can largely come down to content. Telling the story of your business, giving a human voice and a soul to an otherwise soulless medium entices users who can sympathise, engage with, and enjoy the words. Typography only furthers this sense of personality by marrying the font features with it. Each font type can be grouped into personality traits which reflect the concept that the client wishes to conjure of their business website. By developing a colour scheme and theme, its continuity throughout the website creates a sense of life behind the screen and consistency of brand.

Building a Brand with Typography

The goal of any business website is to provide a platform which informs users of how brilliant your business is, how you can help them, and why they should use you over the competition. When it comes to maximising your conversion rates – that is the percentage of users who are converted into customers – gaining their trust is essential. Building your brand enables users to become familiar with the business and therefore can establish trust and in turn, you should see an investment.

Your typography, including theme, colour and layout, collaborate to create your brand. In order to optimise the reach of your business, this branding can be shared across social media networks to solidify your status amongst the rabble.

If you are looking to have a smart, creative, and fully optimised website built with the user in mind, get in touch for a free consultation.

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