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Web Design Trends for 2018

As the new year arrives with all the usual pomp and ceremony, we’re taking a look at the biggest web design trends you’ll be seeing (a lot of!) in 2018. Some of which are carry-overs from 2017, others will just begin hitting their stride in the months to come. So for those who prefer to stay at least one step ahead of the curve with such things, here’s a quick rundown of seven key web design trends for 2018:

1. Animations

Remember when the world of web design declared ‘flashy’ and ‘unnecessary’ animations dead just a couple of years ago? Well, they’re back…and with gusto. In fact, animations have proved such a big deal in 2017 that we’re expecting them to dominate the coming year. As for why, it all comes down to the power and influence of personality development and storytelling among competing brands. Animations can pack a real punch when handled strategically – and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

2. Bold Colours

Bear in mind that the key word here is ‘bold’, as opposed to tacky. In any case, businesses of all persuasions and at all levels are using increasingly adventurous colours to demonstrate their confidence, uniqueness and modernity. Striking the right balance isn’t always easy, but the days of dull and drab colour schemes are, for the time being at least, dead and buried.

3. Inventive Typography

The same also going for creative typography, which has become a popular weapon in the on-going battle for eyeball-grabbing web design. Of course, bigger isn’t always better and fancy isn’t always fabulous. Nevertheless, using creative typography as a means by which to both establish and enhance your brand’s personality can be surprisingly effective.

4. Flat(ish) Design

Flat design was a big deal in 2017, though is up for something of an upgrade this coming year. Meaning it would probably be best interpreted as semi-flat design. The principles of simplicity and minimalism remaining, though somewhat embellished with updated, softened and stylised shadows and gradients. Not a huge change, but a noticeable difference nonetheless.

5. Attractive Illustrations

The days of high resolution photographic imagery are hardly numbered. Nevertheless, the use of attractive and creative illustrations to improve and enhance web pages has already become a firm and fixed trend. In the right hands, illustrations can pack and even more powerful message about your brand than any number of real-life photographs.

6. Asymmetric Layouts

Symmetry has gradually become an increasingly unimportant web design factor over recent years. Along with creating an outstanding aesthetic and a highly-intuitive user experience, asymmetric layouts can also help web businesses strengthen their presence by offering something that goes against the norm.

7. Mobile First

And of course, it goes without saying that perhaps the single most important web design trend for the year ahead will be that of mobile-first design. That being, the creation of exceptional mobile experiences as a priority, with desktop taking something of a backseat. Google having already made it clear that it has every intention of prioritising things in this precise order.

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