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7 Web Design Tips For Business Websites

The design of your website has a direct, and perhaps the most influential, impact on your conversion rate. Many people assume websites are just about visual appeal and aesthetic; whilst this is important, sites are more than just digital brochures for your services. Through your website you have the opportunity to drive sales and beat your competitors by convincing your target audience that you’re a reputable organisation. When done right by a professional website design agency, web design can present innumerable business opportunities. Use our 7 tips straight from our website designer to make sure you’re getting the most out of your website.

1. Mobile Friendly

Google is now indexing the mobile website design before the desktop version so having a mobile friendly version of your web design. Designing for mobile devices has become a prerequisite of effective web design so any reputable website design agency in Manchester should do this as standard. Most users will be visiting your site on a mobile device so you need to ensure your Manchester mobile website designer creates a responsive design that seamlessly adapts to fit mobile screens.

2. SEO Optimised for Local Audiences

Optimising your SEO campaigns for local audiences is so important and it’s true of web design too. For Manchester website design, all content should be optimised for the Manchester audience. Unless your website designer thoroughly optimises your website with expert SEO best practice, your innovative website design won’t be appreciated by anyone (We all know no one looks on page two). Tips on optimising for local Manchester audiences can be found here.

3. Focus on User Experience and Ease of Use

You have only seconds to engage your users and if your website developer doesn’t do this, your bounce rate will proliferate and you’ll miss out on a whole host of business opportunities. Website designers can maximise user experience by ensuring the site is easy to navigate by boldly displaying all the buttons and removing the need for the user to have to think. Guesswork and having to exert effort puts users off and motivates them to visit a competitor’s website, so you’ve got to ensure the website design experience is streamlined.

4. Blog Frequently

Content writing helps with SEO by assisting in establishing your website design as a reputable site in a competitive marketplace. Blogs can be advice-based, talk about your services, trends happening in your industry or keep your audience up to date with company news. This also provides ample content to remarket on social media and through email marketing, helping to drive traffic to your website. Keeping your blog page updated regularly with engaging content that gives the reader value pleases both users and Google so make sure you’re blogging.

5. High Quality Images

It’s the general consensus that images capture our attention more than content so it is important to ensure the images selected by your web developer are high quality. However, images with a high resolution take much faster to load which has a negative impact on user experience as it causes the website to load slower. This disengages users and encourages them to bounce so your website designer has to ensure that the images are appropriately optimised to a size that doesn’t compromise their quality.

6. Professionally Written Content by a Content Writer

Content is there to please Google and engage your users. You must ensure that your content is written by a professional content writer who specialises in crafting eloquently written, interesting and thought-provoking copy. Content writers will make sure the content is imbued with all the relevant keywords to help with your SEO without sounding spammy or disengaging. They can come up with creative, innovative blog ideas and deliver them with flare.

7. Verification with Google Platforms, Analytics & Search Console

All content that’s written must be submitted to Google for priority indexing to ensure that it helps with Google rankings. Your website designer should verify your website with all the relevant platforms such as search console and ‘Google My Business.’ This will help you keep on top of your analytics so you can monitor the performance of your website and conduct data analysis to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Website design is complicated no matter what type of industry you’re in. Our website designers are here to ensure local and nationwide businesses are getting the high quality websites they deserve. If you’re looking for a website developer who knows what they’re doing and can perform all the right functions for effective web design, get in touch with us.




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