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Web Design that Walks the Walk: Should We All Look to Use Video on Our Websites?

If you have kids, you will have experienced the hierarchical powers of video. You will have tried to ask your son or daughter to, for example, set the table for dinner. Yet somehow, with the TV playing and possessing all of their attention, your instructions are ignored. You may remember doing the same thing to your own parents, or have felt the silence of your other half who is absorbed in this week’s episode of Poldark, Love Island, or Match of the Day. Regardless of the circumstances, we cannot deny the potential of the all-mighty motion picture. It is no less true when it comes to building your online presence. A website with a video – a good quality, purposeful video – has the potential to hold your audience exactly where you want them. As a web design agency, we have come to learn the potency of the video player and want to share why you might consider videos for your website.

Web Design that Works with Human Nature

How many times have you looked at the above video? Is it the first thing you looked at when you got here? Our bet is yes. The interesting thing is not only that you have watched this video, but that you continue to watch a video which is just some people wandering down the corridor of a structure. It is neither particularly interesting nor exciting yet you have given seconds of your busy life to it. Let’s talk about that.

Quite simply, the human eye is drawn to motion. In our example we have used a video that has no real purpose other than to prove this point. Imagine if your website featured a strategically chosen or even custom made video to capture the attention of your visitors the moment they arrive onto your website. Professional, engaging, and presenting your brand, visitors are immediately more invested in your business and therefore spend longer on your website and as a result, that conversion rate is set to rise.

Building Trust with Video Web Design

It is something that we have touched upon in previous blog posts; the importance of building trust between you and your users, and the way in which video and images in your web design can help. Let’s focus on video here. A florist may do a panoramic shot of their shop; an aesthetic clinic may show off the clinic, particular treatments, or introduce the staff; for an Ecommerce website, videos are almost expected these days to show the products in action.

At its core, video is visual communication. A website that isn’t delivering results as it should is failing to communicate well with its users. Communication comes into websites in many aspects. The website navigation is the way in which you let your reader know how to make their way through your website, easily and happily. The content is the place to tell your story and communicate to your users exactly what you do and how you can help them. In every sense, strong communication allows trust to be built between business and buyer making way for sales, enquiries, and success.

A Brand to be Remembered

To be successful online it is essential to stand out from the crowd, to create a website which wins over your users rather than watching them go to your competitors. A smart web designer knows that featuring video content on your website can, not only present your business in an exciting and engaging manner, it can also help you to be remembered. This is all part of building your brand.

There’s more; in the following two ways, videos work to build a bigger audience; SEO and social media marketing. By adding relevant video to your service and product pages, homepage and/or landing pages you can radically increase your website’s SEO. Search engines love to receive new and informative content, a video with a purposeful selection of keywords in the description, titles and tags will make for a happy Google and a happy you, since more and more traffic will be driven to your website. Your new video content can then be shared across your social media platforms, serving your brand to the masses, allowing your growing audience to become familiar with it, and as a result increasing your conversion rates.

Should we use video then? We should probably consider it. If you are looking to boost your online presence with some great web design practices, get in touch for a free consultation.

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