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Web Design Worthy of Michelangelo

Michelangelo’s iconic painting upon the Sistine Chapel ceiling has been a cornerstone of high art and culture since its inception in the 16th Century. Internationally renowned for its intricate detail and craftsmanship, the chapel’s ceiling is arguably one of the greatest design feats in human history (yet to be confirmed by Mr Kevin McCloud). Here at Christian Michaels, we believe that your website’s design should have as much gravitas, and as much influence, as the original renaissance masterpiece.

Drawing in New Business

Unsurprisingly, as human beings, we are instinctively drawn to that which impresses us. Our brains are wired to respond to things we find aesthetically pleasing, even intimidating and gross – it’s all about peaking interest with that initial impact. The hook, some might say.

The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, commissioned by Pope Julius II, was the product of his attempt to rebuild Rome to its former glory through the power of spectacle. Just the sheer scale of the thing is impressive. Standing 65ft above ground and spanning over 500 m/sq, Michelangelo designed an imposing but beautiful mural to the Catholic Church that remains as relevant and iconic today as it was 400 years ago. Tourists from all corners of the world swarm to Rome just to see Michelangelo’s ceiling – imagine the traffic his website would receive!

As a web design agency, we understand the value of a tastefully designed website. Just as the Sistine Chapel is at the epicentre of Vatican city, your website is at the epicentre of your business; it’s the first place people go to enquire about who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them. It is therefore paramount that your website is aesthetically pleasing, clean cut and professional, as well as an assurance of your business’ ethos and brand.

If your website is instantaneously attractive to new clients, the likelihood of them staying around and clicking into meatier parts of the website increases ten-fold. So, out with the Comic Sans, in with the Avenir Light – we’re going business class baby.

Less Words, More Impact

Although at first glance, to the untrained eye, the painting looks a lot like a jumble of naked bodies and religious iconography, the intricate mural actually depicts the Bible’s book of Genesis. One of the world’s oldest narratives has been skilfully crafted into one, all-encompassing masterpiece.

Research has found that humans are naturally drawn to images more so than text. Colour and design inspire positive response – when done well of course – and there is no greater proof of this than the immense popularity of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

This is well worth considering when designing your website. Complex and unnecessary bodies of text are incredibly off-putting in the bite-size world we live in. Wordy call-to-actions can be easily and effectively communicated with an image or a button, and convoluted explanations may not need a mention at all. Your landing page should be beautiful and impressive, as well as communicate the intricacies of your business in a transparent and accessible way.

Dynamic and Modern Design

Initially revealed to the public in 1512, Michelangelo was a pioneer of modern art and technology. Having constructed a towering concave structure in order to paint a caverned ceiling, as well as his technically brilliant use of perspective and fine detail that could be seen from 60 feet below, Michelangelo’s ceiling was progressive and refreshing.

Your approach to web design should be just as well thought-out, and be adaptable to rapid modernisation. Clever implementation of videos, images, blogs and website copy will help you create a narrative around your brand which can be consistently spread across the various platforms you market on and in, ensuring you too stay progressive and refreshing.

With two thirds of web searches now happening on mobile phones, it would be self-sabotage not to optimise your website for mobile devices. Last year, Google implemented a feature that ranks depending how well a website functions on mobile devices; don’t be caught stagnating on pages 3-30 of Google, when the correct Search Engine Optimisation and a dynamic web design can ensure your consistent presence and relevance.

Web Design Services

The vision most of us have of a solitary Michelangelo toiling away in an empty chapel isn't entirely accurate. He had a plethora of assistants mixing paints and scrambling up and down ladders. In order to create a timeless treasure, he had a team assisting him; likewise, consider professional graphic designers, content writers and designers to help streamline your own masterpiece. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your website. If you’re in the market for a web re-design which would rival Michelangelo’s most-famed masterpiece, then get in touch today to see what we can do for you.


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