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5 Ways We Can Help You Fall Back in Love with Your Website this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day, the time of year we associate with love, chocolates, teddy bears…and Ann Summers. However, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by falling back in love with your website. At Christian Michaels it’s less wooing and more web design this Valentine’s Day, as we beseech the unhappy masses to finally upgrade their website and feel the love it will bring.

Heartfelt Content

The content we produce comes in all shapes and sizes on a website, from the summaries and snappy sentences found on a Home page, to the more in-depth content rich blog articles and research driven case studies which will set your website apart. Across all of its forms, content is absolutely essential to attracting customers to your website. Through the meticulous use of keywords and phrases, our intrigue focused content will help fire your website to the top of the Google pile as if it was being carried by Cupid’s arrow. Once on your website, your customers can then learn about your products and services easily through our linguistically faultless copy which will communicate your message aptly and build trust.

That Personal Touch

Whether you are a small or a large business owner, you will want your website to not only represent, but reflect your business perfectly. To achieve this, we get to know your brand, business and industry inside out. The way we see it, every business is different and therefore every website should be too. Our websites ooze personality, like salted caramel pouring out of a love shaped chocolate, as they are centred on your brand and your message. From first contact we offer an incredibly personal service to our customers, it’s your website and we want to make sure that you love it!

Bespoke, On-Brand and Beautiful Designs

When it comes to promoting and maintaining your brand identity a website with a bespoke on-brand design can work wonders. This will give your customers a real feel of who you are, and help your website stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. A website which encapsulates your business’ ethos and all your niches will build trust and familiarity with your existing and prospective customers whilst exponentially improving your reputation and credibility. Without a design which truly represents your business a website can rather easily become forgettable and mundane. Stand out, be bold and build your brand with a beautiful new on-brand website.


Is your website difficult to navigate and slow to load? A website with poor usability will not only damage your brand but discourage customers from returning. We specialise in building websites with optimised loading times, streamlined navigation, and around specific actions to boost sales and enquiries. Furthermore, all of our websites are mobile-friendly in their design, ensuring that you can capitalise on customers on the go. All of these changes will facilitate a far more satisfying customer experience while using your website.

Peaking Performance

Though we make sure your website looks beautiful, what we ultimately strive to push is the performance of your website. Our web design gurus are adept at:

  • Increasing the time that customers spend on your website, peaking their interest and encouraging sales and enquiries

  • Decreasing bounce rates on your website, we make websites customers don’t want to leave.

  • Increasing the volume of relevant traffic your website gets, this guarantees that your website is being viewed by the right customers for you.

  • Boosting your profits; a well-designed website does wonders for profitability. We ensure that the right customers are getting the right experience and are being directed to the right page.

At Christian Michaels we create beautiful websites, built on your brand and message. Our experienced and passionate team is perfectly placed to help anyone who has fallen out of love with their website, and yes we know you’re out there. Pick up the phone and let us serenade you with all the ways we can help you fall back in love with your website this Valentine’s Day.



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