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Video Production at Christian Michaels: Not Quite the Oscars, But not Far off

What a fantastic night at the Oscars with some brilliant films and actors picking up some well-deserved awards, particularly Olivia Colman for her stunning performance in The Favourite. Though we may not be quite as talented as some of the stars on show last night, we too share a passion for producing and designing videos. Our videos are shorter and snappier than those up for an award at the Oscars, and certainly shorter than a Peter Jackson acceptance speech. We use videos to encapsulate our clients’ brands, promote their businesses and improve their customers’ experience on their websites. Here’s why you should be using videos in your marketing strategy.

Bring Your Brand to Life

As digital marketers, producing videos is an incredibly exciting aspect of our work, allowing us to creatively bring our ideas and our clients’ brands to life. It is that simple harmony of visual and audible stimulants which set videos apart from other advertising tools and give them such an edge. We believe that nothing brings a brand to life quite like a well-executed video. As a tool of visual communication, video has proven its potential and versatility, just look at the rise of You Tube, Facebook stories and Vines. By investing in this form of media communication your customers will be captivated by your services or products, be more familiar with your brand and be more likely to spend longer on your website. So many businesses have social media accounts yet don’t use them to their full potential; a sharp, memorable and informative video really does work wonders in bringing your brand to life.

Why are Videos Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

The science behind this matter is rather simple; our brains are naturally drawn to moving images and objects. The same principle applies to social media feeds, when we’re scrolling through on our phones or laptops we are far more captivated by visual stimuli. Moving images are far more likely to grab our attention and keep us interested. Furthermore, with social media also comes the opportunity to share content. By creating engaging video content we can encourage shares and likes which will spread your brand and build trust around it.

Why Videos are Important to Your Website

By having engaging video content on your website you will improve the time people spend on your pages, encourage customer actions such as sales or enquiries and vastly improve the customer’s experience on your website by peaking their interests. Having engaging video content on your website is a great way to stand out from the crowd, using short snappy videos you can help your customers understand your products or services and peak their interests. Furthermore, this video content will create a consistency between you social media marketing and your website, so as customers arrive on your website it feels familiar and helps build trust.

Understanding Videos

Producing a video is like writing a book; it takes time, finesse and, most importantly,, a defined audience. What many don’t realise and understand is that different social media platforms and websites speak to different people and serve different purposes. LinkedIn for example, speaks to a professional audience and a business community. YouTube is a great channel for gaining national and international recognition, whereas social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for spreading your brand and enticing new customers. It’s crucial when producing video content to understand the market it will be released to, the people who will view it in those markets and their expectations. Through our experience we know how to tailor our videos to different audiences and markets to ensure the successful distribution of your brand message.

Throughout their history, and in all their forms, videos have always been about transferring information to the viewer. This information could be educational, an advertisement or simply just for entertainment purposes. Videos play an increasingly important role in modern society, as advertising spaces become more varied, more opportunities open up for video marketing on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The social media market has ushered in a new age of video marketing, with sharp, snappy and on-point videos becoming ever present, popular and necessary.

By commissioning a video with Christian Michaels we can make your concepts a visual reality, with relevant, exciting and informative videos which will boost sales and enquiries excite your audience and be remembered with professional video production.


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