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Motion in the Online Ocean: Why Video Marketing is a Must-Have

It isn’t so much that we’re lazy, but we are tired, we are pressed for time, we are entitled to an easy ride every now and then. In comes video marketing; dynamic and informative motion pictures to capture the attention of your audience. All they need to do is sit and watch the magic happen. The advantages of video marketing are plentiful and if you aren’t one of the millions of companies riding on the riches that video marketing can offer, it is time to make a move into the modern marketing world. Last week we focused on three modes of content marketing. In this week’s blog we take a look at not only why video marketing is important, but why you should start to make the most of it right now – or in five minutes, after reading our blog.

Video Marketing to Make Use of Human Nature

Whether it’s Strictly, re-runs of Friends, Countryfile, the News at Ten, or YouTube’s finest ‘funny animals’ compilations, we are entirely absorbed by these moving images. As a digital marketing agency, we are acutely aware of trends in users’ interaction with marketing materials – and video content is the current champion. Our eyes are drawn to motion, no matter the content. Imagine then, if you showcased videos with focused and informative content custom made for your audience. The possibilities for positive interaction are endless!

The Importance of Video Marketing to Beat the Competition

At the start of 2018 (which somehow still feels like a month or two ago) Hubspot published an article stating that 81% of businesses are now using video marketing. We’ve already touched on why video marketing is so powerful and quite clearly, millions of businesses around the world are taking advantage of that. Now here’s the thing with competition; you need to be in it to win it. That means when your competitors are using video marketing, you need to use video marketing too – only better (that doesn’t necessarily mean bigger, but smarter, more focused and more compelling).

The Advantages of Video Marketing for Storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? Who hasn’t shed a tear or felt compelled to dance and clap for their favourite character in a film? Since before the time of Greek tragedies, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Punch and Judy, as humans we have always been drawn to performance and have an innate desire to empathise with the people in the story unfolding before us. Whilst you can’t physically cart your audience to where you are, you can take video marketing directly to their digital devices. Video marketing on social media and video content on your website is the ultimate opportunity to share your story, speak directly to your audience and win over their affection – and then their custom.

Video Marketing On Social Media

Those without a love of social media might associate it with a medium for the Millennials, but this isn’t the case, sorry. Social media marketing is a fantastic and essential component to your overall digital marketing strategy. It allows you to share your brand message whilst remaining relevant, constant and responsive to the changing trends that social media throws up, and the important news within your industry. Scroll through your newsfeed across any of the social media channels and it won’t be long until you stop at a video. Video marketing on social media enables you to communicate directly with your growing follower count. Ultimately, it instils trust in your brand and building this trust is the most imperative step in securing a sale or enquiry.

That’s a wrap! At Christian Michaels we tend to practice what we preach; check out our social media channels and our website to see some video marketing in action. The importance of video marketing must not be underestimated. If you would like to chat about a video marketing strategy for your company, get in touch with the team today.

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