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Turbocharge Website Conversion Rates with These 5 Simple Strategies

Traffic is typically considered to be the holy grail for any online business. Nevertheless, all the website traffic in the world is devoid of value without a viable number of conversions.

Hence the reason why advanced digital marketers advise focusing sufficient time, effort and resources on boosting conversion rates where possible.

But what kinds of strategies are known to bear fruit? Assuming you have already got the quality products, services and aptitude to succeed, what can you do to encourage greater numbers of website visitors to go the whole-hog and convert?

The answer…well, truth be told there are literally thousands of tips, tricks and strategies for boosting conversion rates. Nevertheless, you may find that the following five (surprisingly simple) strategies have proved to be the most effective of all:

1. Use More Calls-To-Action.

Make no mistake about it – the average consumer needs to be told what to do. CTAs capitalise on the fundamentals of human psychology and have the potential to do a darn good job of it, too! Too many CTAs can become unsightly and obtrusive, but too few can also be harmful. It’s not a case of bombarding every site visitor with a barrage of bumf, begging them to buy. It’s simply a case of ensuring a CTA is always within easy reach and clearly visible.

2. Use Landing Page Segmentation

Segmenting your landing pages could also prove highly effective. Which basically involves the creation of dedicated, standalone pages which exist separately from your website and are tailored to the interests of specific visitors. Landing pages in general play a key role in determining conversion rates, though can be made even more powerful and influential via segmentation. Different landing pages for separate product categories being an obvious example of the principle in action.

3. Focus on the Pre-Sell

Whether and to what extent the customer likes you will influence their likelihood of converting. Hence the importance of focusing on the pre-sell, rather than just the products themselves. The creation of compelling content and general establishment of an appealing brand image account for just as much as the quality and value for money of everything you offer. If the customer is hooked on you as a brand from the moment they arrive, they’ll be naturally primed to make a purchase when they begin writing your products.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Just as soon as the customer enters your conversion funnel, it’s a good idea to get rid of as many distractions as possible. Fewer distractions meaning a faster, easier conversion process and lower likelihood of abandonment. Of course, there’s a time and place for up-selling, cross-selling and generally maximising every selling opportunity. Nevertheless, distract them from the purchase process too heavily and you’re practically showing them the exit.

5. Reduce Available Options

Last up, far too many webmasters and business owners in general fail to take into account the paradox of choice. That being, when too much choice crosses the line and becomes a bad thing. Think about it – would you find it easy to choose from just five options available, or a seemingly-endless list of 5,000? Freedom of choice is a good thing, but not when it does little other than perplex the customer and slow down the purchase process.

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