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Disorganised, Unattractive and Divided: Don't Let Your Marketing be Like the Tory Leadership Contest

So for those of you that are unaware, our government is currently squabbling over who’s going to sit on the iron throne next, with every man, woman and their dogs seeming to have a claim. Indeed, since the referendum in 2016, two Conservative Prime Ministers have announced their resignations, not believing themselves capable to deal with Brexit and the tumultuous landscape that post-referendum parliament has become. But that’s fine isn’t it, this definitely isn’t the most delicate and decisive time in British politics since WWII.

Now, regardless of who you vote for, you want to know that the service you are receiving from your local and national representative is of a high standard; after all you are paying their wages. Yes, that’s right, you are paying Boris Johnson’s wages, let that sink in.

The Leadership Contest Line Up

This leadership contest has seen all sorts of candidates emerging out of relative obscurity and into the political limelight. There are of course some familiar faces; Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Michael Gove and of course our very own Donald Trump impersonator in the form of Boris Johnson. As well as some of these well-known individuals, a few backbenchers have received the necessary support to be announced as part of the most gruelling title race since Manchester City and Liverpool went toe-to-toe earlier on this year. Due to the highly-competitive nature of this leadership contest, it need not surprise us that the candidates have been making some pretty bold claims about the positive changes they would bring about as Prime Minister.

An Alternative Dream Team

When you think about it, digital marketing and politics aren’t too dissimilar. Ok, they are vastly different but there are some key similarities between trusting your parliamentary representative with your local council and trusting a digital marketing agency with your online presence. You want each of these organisations to be consistent and have your best interests at heart.

There’s nothing more frustrating than asking, or voting for, someone to do a job and them simply not delivering on it, apart from maybe stepping on hedgehog covered in salt; that would be extremely frustrating. Anyway, we’re here today to tell you that if you want to assemble a dream team to get the job done when it comes to representing you and delivering on your marketing campaigns, then you are in luck.

Forget Boris, Hunt and Gove, we’ve got Anna, Christian and Max, and all without a second house in London, dodgy haircut or historic cocaine habit in sight. If you need a marketing team who dedicate their time to understanding and growing your online presence with a personal and creative approach to their work, then we’re here for you and we’re here to stay.

We were very proud to receive our 50th 5 star review earlier this year, and ensuring that our clients feel properly represented and have their trust in us truly is at the forefront of our ethos. If you’re in the market for that kind of marketing company, then get in touch today!

Let's end on a poem:

Labour are red,

The Conservatives are blue,

But that doesn’t matter

Just sort Brexit out soon



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