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Tips For Designing Websites With Millennials In Mind

Millennials are currently becoming one of the most influential groups in modern corporate culture, so the success of many businesses hinges on pleasing this demographic. Although researchers have disputed when this generation begins and ends, millennials are often linked with increased usage of digital technologies and they now make up a significant proportion of the working population. Here are our top tips for pleasing this audience through your web design.

Design for Mobile

Having a mobile friendly website is no longer optional. Over half of internet searches take place on mobile devices, and the majority of smartphone owners belong to the millennial demographic. According to a 2016 study by Google, 61% of users would not return to a mobile site which they had trouble accessing, so you could be missing out on valuable business if your website is not designed with mobile users in mind. This includes adapting your website’s functionality to incorporate taps, swipes and scrolling, simplifying your navigation and splitting text up into small paragraphs so that it does not look overwhelming.

Encourage Social Sharing

One third of millennials claim that social media is their preferred way to interact with businesses. These users are more likely to share a piece of content they found interesting or leave a review of a business with which they had a positive experience. Captivating this demographic through valuable content can contribute towards spreading brand awareness and increasing your social media following. Regularly updating your website with fresh content, such as a blog, and including clear social sharing icons on all of your pages is a great way to encourage users to spread the word about your brand.

Encourage Loyalty

Not only has this generation shown a penchant for valuable content, they also want to feel valued as a user of your website. Loyalty programmes are very popular for high street stores and there is no reason why this technique cannot be incorporated into your web design as well. Offering rewards to repeat visitors such as badges, points, or complimentary products can encourage repeat business. Rewards, no matter how small, make a customer feel good for choosing to engage with your company, and this positive feeling will keep them coming back.

Create a Positive User Experience

A subpar user experience is likely to deter millennials from using your product or service. On average, an internet user expects a webpage to load in two seconds or less, and if a website takes longer than this to load, chances are they will have already returned to the search results and visited a competitor’s website instead. The millennial generation has grown up with information being readily accessible, quickly, so they are unlikely to respond well if your site is slow, difficult to navigate or has elements which do not load.

Stay Current

With new developments happening all the time, your web design has to keep up in order to please this generation. These could be technological advancements such as new plugins and faster internet speeds, or cultural trends. Your blogs should keep up to date with relevant news, and your themes and functionality may have to change as users’ tastes change. For example, using the hamburger symbol for your website’s navigation on mobile has long been accepted as standard, but this design element has also been criticised for being inefficient and designers are beginning to look for new ways to present a website’s navigation.

Millennials will make up 75% of the working population in 2025, so it is their tastes and habits which will dictate trends in web design. Businesses should adapt their websites to accommodate these elements if they wish to stand the test of time. Our team stay up to date with new web design ideas and create websites which appeal to your target audience and drive conversions. Get in touch to find out more about our approach to web design or to have a free website audit.




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