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Take a Leaf out of Attenborough’s Book: The Power of Image

With the release of Attenborough’s incredible new docuseries, ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’, it’s got us thinking about how Sir David has managed to create such an undeniably iconic and powerful brand. Over the years, Sir David Attenborough has inspired millions across the globe by bringing the natural world into our living rooms and opening our eyes to the diversity of the life we share our planet with.

Whilst his successful career has been built from a genuine dedication to the natural world, one could say it is also in some part attributed to the recording and production of high quality videos of spectacular content that are consumed and appreciated again and again, never to get old. In this article, we want to draw attention to how your business can also proliferate through the implementation of stunning, high quality photography and videography, and how we can all take a leaf out of Attenborough’s book.


“People won’t care to save something they don’t know anything about” - Sir David Attenborough, speaking in 2015 about how natural history films can inspire people.

David Attenborough has been bringing vivid wildlife to our screens for almost 60 years. His first series 'Zoo Quest,' - combining live studio presentation with footage shot on location for the very first time - pioneered an entire genre. This landmark series helped inaugurate a new kind of television documentary, used stunning photography and innovative camera techniques to show animals in their natural habitats, putting nature, culture and science on screen in ways never seen before. With advances in modern technology, now more than ever before, Attenborough’s docuseries reveal to the viewer a secret earth, in high definition, all of these mysterious interconnections and processes that are usually hidden to the human eye. What we see on screen demystifies the secrets of the natural world, making the complex biological interactions between the incredible organisms that make up our ecosystem more digestible and easier for us to understand – even without a degree in biological sciences!

In the same way, including images –or even better, video – into your content strategy can open people’s eyes to the nuances of your business. Whether you’re trying to develop your brands image, or explicate technical or confusing subject matter, visual aids work to make content easier to comprehend and digest. Beautifully presented and relevant images add credibility to your content, encouraging people to trust in you as a source of information.


“No living person has done more to make the people of Planet Earth aware of the world around them.” - Time Magazine, naming Sir David Attenborough 'Hero of the Environment' in 2007.

If done well, videos and images are emotive and rousing, which in turn can make them incredibly influential. There is no doubt that Attenborough has become one of the most influential figures when it comes to tackling our current climate crisis. He authors documentaries that tackle environmental issues but using a subtler approach, showcasing the natural world in the hope that we will be inspired to preserve it. The images that are captured for his docuseries are raw, powerful and evocative. The same must be true for the content you are distributing. Your business needs to be taking images and videos which inspire confidence in your brand and have a purpose. For instance, when showcasing a product or explaining a process, you need to ensure that your images and your videos are high quality, honest, relevant and inspire emotion – this is what will influence people’s perception of you and your product, not any large body of text. After all, you gotta see it to believe it.

Captivating Video

Attenborough’s docu-series are, quite simply, a televisual feast. The award-winning photography and videography behind them are so well put together and so rich in detail that you can’t help but sit back and absorb every second of it. Who can forget the iconic video of the little Iguana being chased by a hoard of killer snakes in Planet Earth II, which had the nation on the edge of their seats, or the incredibly powerful but heart-breaking scenes of walrus tumbling down the cliff face because of climate change and over-crowding. Attenborough’s team always make sure they have vivid, colourful and captivating images to draw in the masses every Sunday evening – and that he does.

It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular these days - for one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online. It’s versatile, engaging and condenses information heavy, complex concepts into one attractive, stimulating and easily-digestible medium that’s also easy to share across multiple platforms. In today’s digital age, it is worth investing in video content for your business, as it’s a sure fast way of grabbing people’s attention in a world inundated by content. However, be wary that sometimes poor quality video can do more harm than it can good. It is essential that your video content is professional, clear, vivid and relevant – something a digital marketing agency should be able to help you with…

Videography Services in Manchester

Whilst we think everyone should endeavour to be more like Sir David Attenborough in general, as a digital marketing agency, we also encourage you to take on board the prolific and spectacular use of image. Your socials and your website (and therefore your brand and your business) will benefit enormously from well thought out, high quality images populating them. While Attenborough has a whole crew to capture his beautiful images, you can contact us today and our videographer will talk you through how to brighten up and sharpen up your images.

Sir David, you are a legend, keep em’ coming.


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