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The Online Olympics that is Ecommerce

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The Olympics has always been a fan-favourite success due to its showcasing of sporting brilliance, artwork and a global togetherness; it is in fact this combination of factors which has made it so successful. In the same way, ecommerce can be a great success too, by carefully considering, exploring and executing the various avenues of marketing which contribute to this success. In this article we would like to take you through the various means by which your ecommerce can become a success, alongside more Olympics references and superlatives than Michael Phelps had medals.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are the 10K run of ecommerce, the Mo Farah if you will. These adverts circulate and circulate to cultivate the brand exposure and enquires that every business desires through the use of their long distance and wide reaching capabilities. Social media is a fantastic marketing platform and by using social media adverts you can utilise it to the full. Professional social media adverts are targeted, considered and budgeted to deliver your adverts to the right people, whilst yielding the greatest results and returns. In terms of cost, a small budget can go a long way, again like Mo Farah, and therefore, social media paid ads are a fantastic investment.

Website Design and Functionality

Ah the noble website, the backbone of any ecommerce campaign, this of course is the weight lifting of the set up. Like an Olympic weight lifter, your website must have a strong core, seamless movement (between pages) and an impressive presence, as it is the very centre of your online operation. Your website is where your products will be viewed and purchased so it is essential that your product pictures and descriptions are engaging, as well as ensuring that your check out and delivery options are up to date and easy to use. Furthermore, customers have growing expectations about their online experiences so it is essential that your website navigation is on-point and mobile-friendly, or prospective customers will simply go elsewhere.


Videography is all about visually impressing your audience, whilst captivating their attention and imaginations, the high diving of your ecommerce operation. Videos make the perfect accompaniment for a product, campaign or landing page. You can use them to teach your audience about your products in an engaging fashion, and they make a welcome alternative to long strands of text. Videos are also a great way to create a synergy between your social media pages and landing pages. You can use videography to promote your new products or seasonal discounts across social media; attracting customers to your page where they will then be presented with more information on your products, and a further incentive to purchase them. Professionally produced videos help to grab attentions and improve sales conversion rates.

Google Ads and Google Shopping

These avenues of marketing are the archery of your ecommerce; they require experience, technique and precision if they are to be successful. By using Google Shopping you can place your products in front of prospective customers without them having to visit your pages. This will be as a result of a search for a product similar to yours. Google Shopping can offer great exposure for brands and work wonders for pushing sales. Google Ads are another means by which you can promote your products. Through careful consideration, accurate budgeting and by using a precise geographical location, you can ensure that the right people are viewing your products at the very summit of Google.

Olympic-Style Ecommerce with Christian Michaels

Ecommerce is like the Olympics in the way that you must use a wide array of marketing avenues (sports) to cultivate an audience and grab the attentions of different people. It is the same as the way in which we all have our own favourite Olympic events. For example, many people don’t like curling but we think that 4 hours of incredibly slowly moving objects and furious brushing is simply enthralling. If you would like some assistance with making your ecommerce as grandiose and enticing as the Olympics then get in touch and speak to one of our ecommerce experts.


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