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Why Tarantino Would be Good at Marketing

Tarantino is undoubtedly one of the modern directing greats. Though he has only directed 9 films to date, they have each been iconic masterpieces in their own right, often gaining cult-status within the film world. He has a unique style when it comes to the granular details of cinematography, never following mainstreams and always tinting each film with his own personal signature. There are many transferable skills between film production, writing and direction and marketing. They are both inherently creative disciplines from conception to application and completion. So in today’s article, we’d like to talk a little more about these transferable skills and why Tarantino would be a marketing mastermind.

The Conception

At its heart, marketing is successful based on the way campaigns are conceptualised, drawn up and discussed; this preliminary phase of the process is paramount to the success of the ensuing campaign. Where Tarantino truly flourishes is in the inception of his films, carefully considering the way in which characters, cinematography, dialogue and themes may all interlink and ultimately excite his audience. Creativity in the early stages of any marketing campaign is key to its eventual success and the return on investment that the client sees. Simply regurgitating and proliferating the same old marketing campaigns is not the way to do it, and Tarantino certainly has the ability to consistently use his originality and ability to think outside the box to impress at the box office.

The Dialogue (Tarantino Tone)

Tarantino is a master of subtext and suspense, forcing you to continuously consider not only what the characters are saying but why. Think of all the unique characters which he has created and brought to life throughout his filmography. Their dialogue effortlessly holds your attention, as you hang on the every word of the characters in each scene. This is best showcased in Inglorious Basterds; once in the opening ‘Jew Hunter’ scene and once again in the ‘Basement Shootout’ scene.

His films and characters have a unique, interesting and highly-engaging tone of voice, which is one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing. Having a unique tone of voice is what separates the Tarantinos of the world from the Adam Sandlers, the Bob Dylans from the Harry Styleses and the good marketing from the bad (and of course, the ugly).

The Finish

The post-production stage is essential in giving a film or marketing campaign that little glaze of glory. This may come in the form of a colour scheme (think of how iconic the use of yellow is in Kill Bill), a soundtrack (Stuck in the Middle with You in Reservoir Dogs) or an editorial style which perfectly interlinks the various scenes of the film (the storyline in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood). The importance of the ability to create this symbiosis between various elements of a project can’t be understated in the realms of filming or marketing. It is one thing to conceptualise and create a campaign, but adding that finishing touch and applying that little bit of personality to it is a true skill.

Tarantino-Style Marketing

Tarantino’s style and execution is undeniably brilliant, consistently delivering not only first-class, but iconic films to his audience. Anyone with such creativity and attention to detail would be an absolute asset to any marketing team. On a smaller scale, we love to ply our trade as marketers in the same fashion that Tarantino does, with a little bit of flair, plenty of planning and an abundance of originality. If you’re in the market for a Tarantino-style marketing team then get in touch today!



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