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Why Strong Branding is Important to Secure Business Success

How important is branding in business? Pretty damn important.

At its best, strong branding can change the world. Poor branding however, sees businesses flailing about like a plastic bag in the wind. More than a logo, more than a catchy strapline; your brand must resonate in every marketing effort as much as in the service and/or products that you supply. Take super brands like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Apple; you can be sure that a 100+ strong team of brand marketing experts is working behind the scenes to churn out digital and print content to their ever-growing audience. Of course, that kind of budget isn’t available to everyone. We have some good news. You don’t need a multi-million pound budget to make branding work for you. As a small digital marketing powerhouse, we want to share the importance of branding for businesses and why it is the route to your success.

What is Branding for Business?

Branding is everything. Okay, not a particularly useful answer so let’s dig a little deeper. Your brand, in essence, is the way in which your business is perceived by your audience. It is your purpose, or your brand message, materialised across content marketing, your social media output, your website design, as well as in the way your conduct your business. It is the brand that your audience responds to and it is your branding evolution that will secure your place on the train to transcendental business success. Want to know more about brand-awareness? Check out this blog from Hubspot.

Strong Branding Sets You Apart from Competitors

If you have ever been to an expo, you will be familiar with colossal space crammed with businesses exhibiting their products and services. Walking around, what makes you stop for a closer look? What causes you to interact with a particular business? Our guess is that you are more likely to slow down at the stands with a great banner, enthusiastic employees and free cupcakes rather than another that is in every way as bland as an old, cold coffee. Online or on the high street, your brand needs to stand out amongst the competition. Branding is so important for businesses because when it’s done well, it’s what will make people stop time and again.

Strong Branding Builds Trust

Go to any (reputable) brand marketing company and they will tell you how integral building trust is to business success. Let’s take one of the big brands from above. Pop into a shop and given the option of a bottle of Coke or a cheaper alternative, 9 times out of 10 people will go for the Coke. We are as familiar with the post box red and wisp of white writing as we are with our reflection. Brand identity for businesses is what enables consumers to become familiar and then trust what the business provides. Win their trust and you win their investment.

Strong Branding Adds Value to a Business

It’s pretty simple at this point. Stand out from your competitors, win over your consumers and your business value will continue to increase. It isn’t just your monetary value though. A positive brand identity within your business and in the consumer world will also see the ethical value of your business rise. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

In an article from Forbes, Anjali Chugh recognises the importance of prioritising branding for any business. From creative and dynamic content, to consistent and proactive social media presence and slick website design to bespoke graphics, the team at Christian Michaels are on hand to take your branding to the top. Get in touch today to get started!

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