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Social Websites: Should I be Blogging and What About Social Media?

It’s something we have considered before in our blogs; that in the wake of mass technological advancements and takeovers, we have been left with an inherent need for human interaction and communication.

Let’s think for a moment about the fundamental purpose of any website. They are an online platform from which a business can communicate who they are and what they do, to their users. Websites are a foundation for information and their success comes down to a number of essential web design features. As an experienced web design agency, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are more than a little clued up on these. They include easy website navigation, optimised and relevant images, frequent Call To Actions (CTAs), and simultaneously engaging and informative content. In fact, success is all about building trust between business and consumer, and ensuring a positive user experience to get those conversion rates sky-rocketing. So what about blogging and social media? Well we think they’re absolute dynamite marketing strategies for an online explosion - and here’s why.

Empathy is the Best Policy

We’re starting with that all-important human engagement. There are millions of people making millions as bloggers alone. Their success comes down to human engagement with their online community, who look to them for advice and relevant information. The bloggers write specifically for the people tuning into their stuff, with an acute understanding of what their audience wants and needs to know. Blogging is like talking, only written down and probably better structured. It is a sort of one-sided conversation, until it is shared on social media of course, where it is open to comments and interaction. With a blog page on your website, you can build positive relationships with your users by understanding their needs and interests and delivering upon them in a manageable and appealing way, just as with social media.

Fancy taking it to the next level? Don’t forget about powers of video blogs, or vlogs. Shown on your website and shared across your social media channels, it is a great way to let your audience become familiar with your face, rather than an elusive name behind a written blog.

Staying on Top Means Staying Current

Like it or not, social media has taken the world by storm and if you want the world to be your oyster, you need to be social media savvy. Taking on social media as a business is a little trickier than handling your personal accounts, and the potential far greater. Successful social media marketing is all about creating original posts which not only incorporate company and sector news, but that also comment upon current affairs and your response to them as a business. It is the same for your blogs. In essence, staying current shows that you care about your business and about the people within and beyond it. Working together, social media and blogging can generate a buzz about your business and create a consumer community welcoming trust and conversions.

Projecting Your Brand Identity

When we talk about brand identity, it is the way you wish to be perceived and received by your audience. Your brand is formed in a number of ways, largely during the web design process where particular colours can be chosen, your logo and slogan, your brand message, and your tone of voice. Blogs can certainly add to this, continuing to flesh out and project your brand, but the real trick is in social media marketing. Not only is it an opportunity to get your voice and opinion out there to your growing audience, by creating branded images and ad campaigns your audience can become increasingly familiar with your brand and therefore build further trust with your business.

SEO, We Love You So

Can we ever forget this most important of practices? Search Engine Optimisation is the methods taken by web designers and marketing teams to see your website in the top spot of those search engine results pages and blogging is a fantastic way to get you there.

When a user types a question, word, or phrase into the search engine, Google for example, will ‘crawl’ your website content for relevance. That basically means that it will read through your website and determine whether the content is relevant to the search terms entered. It will consider things like keyword density – too high and your website will be registered as spam – too low and other websites will be deemed as more relevant. It can all get pretty technical, which is why many businesses will decide to leave their content marketing to the professionals.

Blogs are a great method to continuously add new relevant, informative, and attractive content to your website – perfect for SEO. Whilst social media is not a ranking factor for Google, it is an easy and effective way to promote your website content to a far-reaching audience whose clicks onto your exciting and enticing articles will in turn help your SEO effort.

Your time is valuable; scheduling time for blog writing and managing several social media accounts with the quality that your business deserves may be near-on impossible. Let us do it for you. At Christian Michaels we have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic online marketing specialists. Get in touch to discuss how we can boost your online presence with a free consultation.



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