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Why a Small and Mighty Marketing Agency is a Winner

They say that big things come in small packages, and that is certainly the case at Christian Michaels. As a compact marketing powerhouse, we have helped companies explode onto the online sphere - in an intentional, beautiful fireworks kind of way, not leaving something in the microwave for too long with the lid on. Marketing is no longer an option when you are reaching for the holy heights of success. The mistake though, is that those businesses with a vision for greatness will look for the help of enormous marketing machines, throw masses of money at them, and hope to hop onto the easy-breezy upwards trajectory as a consequence. What they find instead, can be a whole lot of stress for disappointing returns. Today we want to share why trusting a small team of marketing experts will give you the big results you dream of.

Your Marketing Strategy is Managed by the Best

At large marketing agencies, the pyramid of employees is vast, the number of clients is huge and the chances of those with the greatest marketing know-how, the ones at the top of the pyramid, being appointed to your marketing management is pretty slim. In fact, it is likely that your marketing strategy will be delegated to a junior account exec who has another 15 accounts to run, a heavy dependence upon caffeine, and has forgotten what a healthy work-life balance feels like.

As a small marketing agency, we do things differently. Each member of the team is an expert in their field and we work together to create the most effective marketing strategies and then we implement them ourselves, from content marketing, to social media marketing, to web optimisation. We’re a happy brunch, creative and dedicated. (Disclaimer: we don’t have a caffeine addiction, but we enjoy a few cups of tea throughout the day and the occasional biscuit to dunk).

Communication at the Core of Small Marketing Agencies

Remember that pyramid we talked about earlier? It’s back again.

Imagine this scenario: you want to refocus your business which means a refocus of your marketing strategy, and fast. You email the account executive, who needs to ask the account manager, who needs to ask the account director, who needs to schedule a meeting which will fit around their schedule and also fit the schedule of the rest of the team. Time passes; momentum wavers; you encounter 5 more grey hairs.

Like a fish needs water, solid communication is essential to any business model. Communication within the office, with our clients, and with their audience is something we pride ourselves on. Far more cost-effective than an internal marketing team, we work as an extension of your company, since your success is our success. It can seem a bit unnerving to hand over the power – but with Christian Michaels, you are kept informed with each decision and you can contact us directly (or pop by) whenever you need, because we like communication, and we’re damn good at it.

A Complete, Personal Marketing Approach

We aren’t suggesting that it will be the case at every mega marketing agency, but you may run the risk of being another number on the list of clients, paying the salaries of their workforce, and whilst the quoted work is completed, you are not given the attention you were promised in their proposal.

A first class service is all about receiving the absolute best, the dedication, the expertise, the personal touches – the chocolate under the pillow. It’s the kind of service our small and mighty marketing agency delivers to each of our clients. Our all-encompassing marketing strategies ensure that the emails to your audience don’t end up in the trash, your website content excites and inspires investment, your branding is professional, consistent and is remembered for all the right reasons, and that your social media presence opens up conversation and interaction. You might, and should, expect those things when you put your trust in a reputable marketing agency, but we also keep a keen eye on opportunities within your industry that go beyond the brief. It’s a complete marketing service – with a chocolate under the pillow.

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