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Sharing is Caring: Social Media and Pancakes

When we say share, we aren’t expecting you to share your long-awaited pancake, or god forbid, a crepe!

When it comes to making your customers and audience aware of your brand there really is no better platform than social media and no people more adept at spreading such awareness than social media specialists. By effectively spreading your brand awareness through social media posts, you can build trust and familiarity with you target audience and customers. Think of your customers as hungry kids sat around a table, present them with a bland pancake, they won’t be impressed. However, present them with a nutella topped pancake extraordinaire which has been meticulously executed and they are sure to bite!

Build Trust and Familiarity Around Your Brand

Social media allows for that perfect balance of frequent posting without seeming as if you are bombarding your followers with information. In this sense it is very different to an email; seeing more than one email a day from a company may put you off them as a brand and even report them for spamming. On social media however, posts appear amongst other content and not as individual notifications, therefore we are more likely to read them, without that feeling of frustration which can come with an email, brochure or letter. The key to maintaining interest with your audience is to uphold a consistent tone of voice through different post types, be it a video, a graphic or a status update; this builds familiarity and trust amongst your followers. By using an experienced social media team you can ensure that your brand voice is consistently delivered to your audience across various social media platforms.

Branding is the batter, the very substance of that golden circle of heaven, and though it is usually what is put on top which is more exciting, the pancake is the foundation. We build from your brand, and though we add our toppings (engaging posts, graphics and videos) they are built on and around your batter (brand).

Current Content

In terms of this content, we don’t mean simply churning our two or three posts a day for the sake of it. Social media posts should be proactive and reactive, with a clear understanding of the audience and a purpose. When we take on clients for social media we ensure that we know their brand inside-out so our posts can accurately reflect our client’s business in an engaging way, making them and their social media accounts stand out from the masses. Relevancy is also key; by staying up to date with current affairs and trends and reflecting this in your posts, you inform your audience that you are up to date with the latest happenings in your industry, and indeed the wider world.

Hitting the Right Target Audience

In its very inception social media was born out of a desire to make it easier for people to form or maintain relationships online. Like any good relationship, social media requires an understanding and balance with regard to audience. Through this understanding and balance a business can maintain and expand their audience of existing and prospective customers by delivering posts which are targeted at peaking their interests.

Paid social media reaches above and beyond the limits of your number of followers, has far greater targeting abilities (e.g. demographic specifications), and is an opportunity to get creative with tailored campaigns. Through these targeted campaigns you can encourage clicks to your website via posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, these on-brand and targeted campaigns will spread your message to, and build trust with the right audience, encouraging shares, downloads and likes. This really is all about brand awareness, and as a digital marketing agency we understand exactly what it takes you encapsulate your business ethos and project it through social media. Like a good pancake, a good social media post should be sweet, short and tasty.

How We Top Your Social Media Pancake

Our clients require different campaigns, or, for the sake of the analogy, pancakes. Some require the crepe suzette approach, subtle and sophisticated posts, whereas others prefer a big ol’ stack a’ syrup and bacon covered indulgence, with plenty of graphics and videos. No matter what kind of pancake you like, we can cook it up and top it appropriately. Put your business directly in front of your audience in an engaging, targeted and cost effective manner, the triumvirate of social media success. If you would like to encourage trust amongst your audience, spread your brand and increase sales and enquiries, then get in touch today and speak to our social media gurus.



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