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Excite, Delight & Inspire Sales: Share your Brand Message with Content Marketing

Remember at school there were two types of teacher; there were the ones who would drone on endlessly with a stream of indigestible information; then there were the ones who were animated, varied, and supportive. From one, we would have walked out – or slept - had we the choice; from the other we were excited to learn and wanted to listen and ended the year feeling like we had a real friend in our teacher. The second type is the approach that we must take with our content marketing.

Content marketing is the means by which we can share our brand message. It is our opportunity to inform yes, but equally engage, entertain, and inspire our audience to invest in our business. In short, content marketing is a pretty big deal. As a digital marketing agency, our team of content wizards are accustomed to whipping up words of wisdom and wonder. In this week’s blog we want to share three forms of content marketing and why they are the route to your success.

Content Marketing with Regular, Relevant Blogs

Last week we looked at why social media marketing is essential for your brand in remaining a relevant, responsive and constant presence for your consumers. Blogging offers these same merits. Blogs are like a Shakespearean monologue delivered to your audience – minus the iambic pentameter and the breeches, but with the same entertainment value. While Shakespeare’s actors would use monologues to inform their audiences about unrequited love and plots to kill the king, your blogs take the needs of your audience and share how your business can address those needs. Blogs are the perfect opportunity to share your brand message, which remaining consistent throughout your blogs will encourage your audience to become familiar with your brand voice and trust in the information you offer. Building this trust is the ultimate goal for inspiring sales and enquiries.

We’ve talked about blogging as a method of sharing your brand message, but did you know blogs are also a fantastic way to strengthen your SEO strategy?

Click-Worthy Email Campaigns

Email marketing is another great asset in the killer content marketing tool-kit. With the recent (ish) changes to GDPR *shudder* the people on your mailing list have already shown interest in the products or services that you have to offer. That means they already know who you are and what you’re about. Your email marketing campaigns can therefore focus on turning their initial interest into sales and enquiries, and retention of their custom. So many emails end up directly in the trash without being opened, but with smart, succinct and exciting subject lines written by the content team at your digital marketing agency, you are sure to get the click.

The body of your email is the time to continue sharing your brand message. What can you offer your audience? Do you have new products coming out? If so, why should your audience take a closer look? Is there some exciting sector news you want to share? How can that be made exciting for your audience? Everything about the email must be consistent with your brand in order to extend those feelings of trust and familiarity; the tone of voice, font style, colour scheme, banner, images. Get it right, and your consumers are only a click away from investing in your business.

Video Production and Content Marketing

Such is human nature that our eyes are drawn to motion. When we watch our favourite programme - a hilarious gif even – the rest of the world does not exist. Why wouldn’t we want to use this power in our content marketing strategy? As a digital marketing agency, we are well aware of the entertainment and engagement that videos enable. With a creative and experienced team, the possibilities are endless when it comes to video production. From short product videos, to all-singing all-dancing promotional ads, a video can work wonders on your website and as easily be shared to the masses on social media. Video is visual communication with your audience and is a fantastic piece of creative marketing material to not only share your brand message, but build trust with your audience. (And we all know what trust means…)

There we have it; just three content marketing tools to take your brand message to your audience and really make the most of it. To have a chat about your content marketing, and to learn how the team at Christian Michaels can bring your brand message to life, get in touch today.

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