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SEO and PPC – The Best of Both Worlds

Running a small business brings the inevitability of compromise. In the early stages in particular, you can’t afford to spend money where it doesn’t need to be spent. As a result, business owners routinely find themselves asking the same question:

Which represents the better investment – SEO or PPC?

A valid question, but one that doesn’t have a definitive answer.

The Power of Search

Studies have shown that at least 80% of consumers find the websites and online stores they need by way of web search. More impressively, 95% of online experiences across the board start out with one of the major search engines.

These two statistics alone clearly demonstrate the criticality of climbing the ranks in the SERP listings. With SEO, you have the opportunity to slowly but organically climb the ladder. With PPC, there’s the option of paying to propel your ad right to the very top of the page in an instant.

In both instances however, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. Particularly if you are yet to decide how to direct your marketing spend.

Organic Vs Paid

The influence of organic listings in the SERP rankings is not to be underestimated. In fact, research has shown that the average consumer is around eight times more likely to click an organic listing than a paid ad in any position on the page. Far from a new or an unexpected shift, consumers have been demonstrating strong preference to organic listings for several years now. If you appear prominently by way of merit, it apparently counts for far more than paying your way to the top.

This is therefore a clear advantage SEO has over PPC. Nevertheless, PPC is known to drive better overall conversion rates than SEO. When your site is accessed by way of a PPC ad, the respective visitor is 150% more likely to convert than had they used an organic link. Still, this disparity doesn’t make up for the 800% greater likelihood of an organic listing being clicked.

On paper therefore, SEO would appear to be a better overall investment than PPC.

Covering All Bases

So, does this mean you should focus your efforts exclusively on SEO? As a smaller or newer business, can PPC be swept to one side for the time being?

In a word, no.

To implement an effective SEO strategy is to prime your online business for long-term success. Sooner or later, you stand every chance of climbing the rankings to a position of prominence, cementing your success story in the process.

In the meantime however, you need to do whatever it takes to attract enough attention to sustain your business. Precisely where PPC comes into the equation. PPC is great for delivering immediate results when you need them the most. By the end of today, your ad could be appearing prominently at the very top of page-one, targeting qualified prospects with high-profile keywords. All of which could help tide you over, until your SEO strategy reaches fruition.

Once again therefore, the best approach of all is to tap into the best of both worlds. PPC to cover your requirements today, SEO to build towards long-term exposure in the organic SERP listings.

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