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Curate and Capture Your Clientele with Professional Copywriting

Today’s article is all about copy writing, yes that’s right, a written piece about written pieces, how original! Copywriting is about much more than simply assuring there are no errors in your written work, it’s about creatively setting a tone for your brand and ensuring it is appropriate for your target market. As a marketing agency in Manchester providing copywriting services, we have seen the vast benefits that professionally written copy can bring to a website, blog, email, social platform and so on. In this article we’d like to quickly breakdown the reasons why businesses need help with their content.

Set the Tone with Consistent and Calculated Copywriting

Through well-written copy, you can establish your tone of voice and build trust amongst your clientele. You may want to convey a certain message, be it comedy, eco-friendliness or a personal story. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring that the content on your website is written in order to consistently fit the image you wish to convey or an ethos you are wishing to proliferate. Ensuring consistency is no easy feat, and in many cases a business owner may have a strong opinion on how they would like to be perceived, but lack the copywriting skills to translate that vision into content. In this instance a copywriter will ensure that their message is encapsulated and conveyed in the content, from there, this brand message can be spread across their pages, social channels and blogs.

Never Worry About Typos, Spelling and Grammar Again

We are fortunate enough to live in a society which is largely very literate, with the exception of Manchester United Captain, Ashley Young, who managed to include twice as many mistakes in one tweet than he scored goals last season. Ashley Young aside, this means that people will notice typo errors, and there really is nothing more off-putting than visiting a web page which is poorly written. You want to use your website to prove to your customers and prospective customers that you are an expert in your field, whatever it is… maybe it is fields; you could be a landscape gardener. Irregardless, your content needs to be aptly considered and perfectly executed in order to truly convey that you are the go-to brand within your industry or locality. Using content writing services you will never have to worry about these linguistic slip ups again!

Content Writing with Creativity and Flair

Writing creatively is seemingly simple, I mean it’s only words isn’t it? Yes, writing doesn’t have to be difficult, you can basically and maybe even intelligently highlight your services and the benefits you bring your clients rather simply. However, how likely is that to grab people’s attentions or set you aside from the other X amount of people who ply your trade? Business owners are good at what they do, that is why they own businesses, however, that does not necessarily mean that they can handle every element of the business’ requirements. Often the best way to truly convey your business’ ethos is to consult a copywriter.

Our Copywriting Services in Manchester

Whether it’s web copy writing, blog writing, ecommerce content writing or any other type of creative content writing you require, we can help. Give us a call today and ask for Max, who is in charge of content at our agency in Manchester. With us, you get far much more than just a few Microsoft Word documents; you will receive a full content strategy and plenty of ideas on how we can supercharge the copy on your pages. Sound interesting? Get in touch!


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