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New Year’s Web Design Resolutions for Every Small Business

What exactly defines a new year’s resolution? The short answer – a commitment in one form or another to improve something in need of improvement.

Needless to say, most small business owners could probably name any number of things they’d like to improve in 2018. But given the importance of building and maintaining the strongest possible web presence, focusing on better web design could be advisable.

So for those still short-listing their new year’s resolutions and yet to set anything in stone, here’s a quick overview of five suggestions you might wish to consider:

1. Make the Most of Your Website

Ask yourself – are you genuinely making the most of your website? Are you making responsive design work effectively for both your business and your customers? Have you invested sufficiently in the creation of a frankly stunning visual aesthetic for your site? Do you have a solid mix of media across your pages and the kind of content you can be proud of? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, the true potential of your website could be going to waste.

2. Create Quality Content More Consistently

Just as long as the content you create is of the highest quality, you can never have too much of it. In fact, chances are you could stand with upping your quality content output in the new year. Quality content forms the backbone of your online presence, along with the linchpin of your SEO efforts and a key determining factor in your wider success. Put simply, if you could be investing more heavily in quality content production, you should be.

3. Move Away from Stock Imagery

Bespoke photography that paints an accurate, inspiring and honest picture of your brand’s culture and vision is far more effective than stock imagery. And contrary to popular belief, most consumers can sniff-out stock imagery a mile-off. The stock imagery option may be easier and cheaper, but also rarely delivers anything close to the ROI custom imagery is capable of generating.

4. Embrace YouTube Culture

As for video, YouTube has brought the “don’t just tell ’em, show ’em” approach to the mainstream like never before. By leveraging the power and influence of video content/marketing, your website’s appeal and performance could see significant improvements. The strategic addition of video to website has been known to improve time on page, lower bounce rates and boost engagement.

5. Hire Help

Last but not least, unless your own web design and development skills are right up there with the best in the business, make 2018 the year you bring in the pros. You don’t have to look far these days to see just how enormously web design standards have evolved over recent years. If your own DIY efforts leave you and your business at risk of falling behind the curve, now’s the time to step things up for the new year ahead.

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