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How Mobile-Friendly is Your Business’ Website?

Let’s start with a quite frightening statistic, more people around the world use mobile phones than toothbrushes. This doesn’t say a lot for global dental standards, however, it is a pretty damning indictment for those without a mobile-friendly website. Furthermore, 2/3 of web searches now happen on mobile phones. So you get the picture, if you own a company and your website isn’t optimised for mobile phones, then you are probably missing out on a hefty chunk of business! We are a web design agency in Manchester and thoroughly understand this, in this article we’d like to take you through the vast benefits of optimising your website for mobile phones.

The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Mobile-friendly designs are also known as responsive designs, as they adapt to the way a customer is using your website and ensures they have the right experience.

When your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your customers will have to do a lot of scrolling and swiping to find the content or products they are looking to find. This is hugely detrimental to your online presence, as consumers are more and more reluctant to use website which aren’t optimised to benefit user experience. This also means they are far less likely to recommend you to a friend, 60% less likely according to a study in America. You want to ensure that your customers and prospective customers can get to know your business and the benefits you bring by looking at your website; you don’t want to put them off!

Mobile phones are getting bigger, smarter and faster, meaning that people are increasingly likely to use them for web searches, especially with the vast improvement in internet connection over the last decade. Furthermore, mobile-friendly websites gives you the option to have the ‘click to call’ function which is a great way to encourage potential customers to get in touch. Customers can also access your social media pages and easily email you via your mobile-friendly web pages.

Mobile-First Indexing

Google actively monitor how well a website functions on mobile, and if yours is poor then it will negatively affect where you rank on a Google search. This feature was introduced last year by Google, and they did so in order that their users would have a better online experience. Google would rather send their faithful mobile searchers to websites which are mobile-friendly than those which are difficult to navigate on a smaller device. When you consider the vast and increasing use of mobiles, and of course of Google, this is a huge consequence for businesses that have not yet made their websites mobile-friendly.

Need a Web Design Agency?

This trend in mobile web searches isn’t just a phase, it is the future of the way that we all access information. If you are interested in the vast benefits of optimising your business’ website for mobile, then we can help. We are a web design agency in Manchester, with an extensive history of crafting beautiful and functional websites, giving our clients the best chance of securing business through their websites.



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