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Meet Christian: The Director

We’ve got Anna & I out of the way, now at long last it is Christian’s turn to go under the microscope in this highly investigative series of personal bios. This piece is relatively sensitive, in the sense that it’s about the boss, and therefore will be handled with some sensibility, or maybe not, we’ll see.

Christian hails from the depths of North Wales, but like most, took his first opportunity to get out! He went on to study Business at Coventry University following his escape across the border. From there Christian had some pretty interesting roles before founding his company. My personal favourite is Christian’s strangely extensive and successful DJ’ing experience; playing at the well-known festivals Creamfields and Tomorrowland. Christian has never played us his music, but it’s always there as a threat!

Christian founded this company, ‘Christian Michaels’, 6 years ago now, and apparently is still looking for a company name….. I have suggested ‘Max, Anna and Christian Marketing ltd’, but somehow that idea is yet to gain any traction. Since then, Christian has loved helping the wide variety of clients who have walked through our doors, many of whom have become friends over the years. Christian enjoys the fact that both we and our clients have a mutually beneficial relationship. We work to make their business as marketable and as profitable as possible, and in return we get paid, along with a great deal of satisfaction!

Christian’s vision when founding this company was to aid businesses by optimising their online presence through various means. Since our inception in 2013 Christian has taken a great deal of pride in providing an incredibly high quality of services for our clients. In fact, we get a great deal of repeat custom and recommendations from clients due to the high standards which Christian sets for himself, us and the company. Indeed, our case studies and testimonials speak for themselves in this regard.

On a daily basis, Christian handles the search marketing, web design and customer relations aspects of our operation, as well as overseeing the social and content marketing teams. He also spends about ten minutes of his afternoon torturing Anna & I by eating either eggs or salmon, sometimes both, in a hot office. In fact, this torture had led to me writing a poem which goes a little something like this:

‘Salmon is pink,

Eggs are off-white

But that doesn’t matter,

Please stop eating them in the office.’

Looking to the future, it is Christian’s upmost passion to continue to grow the company, with an eye on expansion into continental Europe and Trump-land. It is in fact my honest opinion that Christian will never be fully satisfied unless he has an office in Los Angeles!

Outside of work, Christian is a keen tennis player and gym-goer, spending much of his spare time exercising, as well as roaming the bars of West Didsbury and beyond. Christian actually had football trials for Wales as a 12 year old, but you know, it’s only Wales innit’.

If you’re in need of a marketing strategy and campaign then get in touch with our excellent team, spearheaded by our Welsh, DJ’ing, Man City-Supporting, Egg-loving director; you won’t be disappointed. Our clients have always spoken incredibly highly of Christian, and are most likely to continue to do so going forward.

As Christian would say, ‘Bye for now’.



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