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Marketing to Millennials Part 1: Trends, Sustainability and Originality

Millennials are a huge market, and though many struggle to, they are easily reachable if the correct criteria are considered in you marketing campaigns. A major part of our work as digital marketers is understanding how different target audiences receive their information, and how they are influenced to buy products or services. We would like to share with you a few ideas on how to reach millennials and peak their interests, with another article on the matter to follow next week.

Sustainable Shopping

Environmental longevity is increasingly in the minds of the younger generations, just look at the recent school children’s protests against climate change! This means that global themes such as eco-friendly sustainability play an increasingly prevalent role in the decision making process made by millennials on which brands they will shop with. The younger generations are far more likely to spend their money on products which have been sourced or made ethically and sustainably. If your company has an environmentally friendly message or an ethically sourced product base, then it is essential that this message comes across clearly in your branding and marketing campaigns.


Take an average university student, they have just come out of a lecture and fancy a coffee. Opposite are two options, a Starbucks and an independent coffee house, which one do you think they might choose? The independent coffee house, obviously. Millennials don’t have the same reliance on brands or indeed loyalty towards them. Though loyalty and reliance may have characterised the shopping patterns of their forebears, younger generations now seek an authentic and original experience when it comes to shopping. Originality and authenticity resonates with millennials; they are a generation who seek unique and new experiences. Therefore, it is essential to tell your own story in your branding and marketing campaigns, be different and get recognised. This is not to say that companies must constantly reinvent their branding strategies, more that their image should reflect the authenticity and originality that the young people crave.

Make the Assumptions and Follow the Trends

Millennials, like generations before them, have traits and tendencies. As you can see from their tendencies to buy into sustainability and originality, this young market has changed its priorities when shopping and it is essential to consider these changes in full when considering a marketing strategy. Another major sociological trend which can be seen at the moment is how late people are buying their own homes; as a result, the audience of ‘young families’ needs re-imagining. Millennials now rent or live at home for much longer than their parents would have. Therefore, the 25s-35s are no longer the ‘new home buyers’ market that they used to be. This is an example of how circumstantial factors can affect an audience too and the way they shop. It is essential to adapt to not only different audiences, but the way in which an audience can change over time.

Understand and Reaching Your Audience

Though some of this information may not apply to every company, and indeed your target audience may be the 50 plus category. However, if you are trying to promote your services and products to millennials, it is essential to take this information into account.

At Christian Michaels we incorporate our client’s target audience into each of the marketing campaigns we design. We believe it is absolutely essential that when marketing to millennials a calculated and relatively nuanced approach is taken. The marketing ways of older no longer apply to this new and informed audience. Instead, we design our marketing campaigns for millennials by building brands which convey those fundamental values which peak the interests of the younger generations. This may be a well-placed Facebook advert, or perhaps a website designed to deliver that message of sustainability which appeals to younger audience. Again, this sort of marketing is not for every audience or in fact every company, however, if you are targeting products or services at the millennials then it really should be considered. Call us today to find out more about how we help you reach your target audiences.


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