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Improve your Facebook Marketing with New Platform Changes

Facebook marketing has just got smarter and easier.

Facebook has recently announced that there will be a new look for company Pages on the desktop version of their site. The whole idea with this new look is to make Facebook company Pages easier for users to manage and improve their Facebook marketing strategy. They do this by emphasizing important information and making the most commonly used tools more accessible. Ultimately, these new changes should be seen as a good thing because they come with the user experience in mind. If this new look makes navigating the company Pages easier for users when using Facebook for business then it’s only a good thing.

The Page timeline is also one that has been updated. The whole idea with this update is to make posts appear consistent with how they would in the News Feed. This ensures that the posts you have spent a great deal of time in crafting will appear the same way in both the News Feed and the Page timeline. Many people will know how annoying it is to spend a great deal of time crafting a great post only for it to appear different in the News Feed compared to the Page timeline.

The new changes to company Pages that Facebook has implemented have left them looking a lot better than before. In fact, company Pages are now looking more like personal pages with the left side column dedicated to your Page’s posts and a right side column dedicated to your business’s information.

Several New Features for Page Admins

Along with the changes to the company Page design and timeline updates there are also new features Facebook has added for Page admins when using Facebook for marketing. These new features have made it easier for admins to check their Facebook activity for the week. Some of the new details that are featured on the new features for Page admins include things like current ads, and information about engagement. Think of things like page likes, shares, comments, all of these things are now listed in the top right hand corner of the company Page. This has made checking your account activity much easier because you can simply do it at a glance now.

Other new features and Facebook marketing tools include the Pages to Watch section. This new feature in particular is a great one because it allows you to monitor the performance of competitors in your industry. For example, the new feature allows you to make a list of other business pages and compare your performance against theirs.

The “Overview” tab of Page Insights tells you some of the most important stats about the Pages they are watching. Another great feature is the “Posts” tab of Page Insights because this allows you to view the past week’s most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching. This is particularly important because you can see what’s working for your competitors and perhaps use the same Facebook marketing strategy or find another way to beat them in terms of user engagement.

In Conclusion

These changes Facebook has made can only be a great thing for company Pages. Some of the new features are going to help a lot, especially some of the new features that allow Page admins to gauge how well their competitors are doing and who they should be keeping an eye on. The changes are not only great for users but they are also great for admins and can only be seen as a positive for any business that uses Facebook for business.

What do you think of these new changes? Have you found them to be useful or not?

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