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The Importance of Keeping Marketing ‘Human’ During the Rise of Machine Learning

The era of Artificial Intelligence (Al) is here and it’s having a significant impact on the marketing world. More and more, we are becoming dependent on the labour of machines for roles that previously required human intelligence. Google itself had a major algorithm update last year when it replaced its human engineers with RankBrain: a machine-learning system that is so intelligent that it can predict what users are looking for. Decision making, perception and speech & language recognition can all be done via machine learning but the crucial part that’s missing is the emotional dimension.

Successful marketing is always about resonating with people. People buy from brands that strike an emotional chord with them or stir up some sort of emotional reaction. This human element is absolutely critical when it comes to marketing because ultimately, business is about forging strong relationships between people. Consumers buy from brands that tell stories that inspire and connect with them. Whilst artificial intelligence brings database marketing techniques, a stronger grasp of SEO, a greater scope for personalisation, predictive customer service, sales forecasting and many other advantages; artificial intelligence results in the loss of emotive storytelling and creativity.

With all the awful things that have happened in the world recently and with the future of the UK looking more uncertain than ever before, people are yearning for positivity. Businesses can capitalise on this through their marketing campaigns and use current affairs to tell great stories that connect with people on a personal level. As change occurs without our consent and as things outside of our control impact the way we live, audiences are craving for something different and something positive.

Anna Rafferty, director of digital marketing at BBC worldwide, stated that companies should be thinking about "marketing with purpose", and that brands should aim to "really bond with their target audience" through shared needs and goals. This advice is definitely worth heeding, especially when we consider the immeasurably successful brand campaign ‘Planet Earth’, the BBC’s best known documentary series. Planet Earth 2 was successful because of how it made us feel. Through breath-taking aerial shots, slow-motion captures, jaw-dropping cinematography and engaging stories, Planet Earth 2 struck an emotional chord with its viewers that led to worldwide acclaim. People remember Planet Earth 2 because it told beautiful stories. Marketing campaigns have to do this too.

As the world goes through an unprecedented rate of change, it's important that we stay connected and personal. Companies need to be much more emotional and human in the way that they tell their stories and brand their businesses. We know a thing or two about doing just that. Contact us here to chat with us about keeping marketing human.



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