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How to Create Content with your Readers and Google Hummingbird in Mind

Hi everyone,

This should take you back to those school days when the teacher rolled a TV set into the room... oh yes, some time to doss about was the general consensus.

So here I am, rolling in the TV set but we're all a bit older now and our willingness to learn should be significantly more, so I expect nothing but your full attention for the next three minutes.

On the TV set today is an interview put together by leading SEO industry voice 'Search Engine Journal' on how to create website content which not only pleases your readers but the latest Google algorithm update... Hummingbird, which, to cut a long story short, claimed Google would be more human like in its search. This would therefore slightly change its rankings for websites depending on how their content was written. After all, would you prefer to read a post written with the reader in mind or with the search engine in mind???

Now I'll be writing an in depth post shortly on these infamous Google updates, namely Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird but for now, just take a moment to digest what Greg Secrist of BKA Content had to say on the topic of making your content Hummingbird friendly.

Ready... play! (press the arrow in the video at the top of the post)

So, let's round this up into three bitesize chunks of information which you can take forward when planning your content marketing and SEO strategy. Alternatively, if you're employing the services of an SEO agency or content writer, this should give you a heads up as to what to grill them on next time ;)

Greg's first tip is to know exactly who your buyers are and then create focussed content for them. I must also emphasise this statement; your readers will only engage with content that's relevant and of interest to them. Be sure to know who your buyers are before you begin your content marketing strategy.

Greg goes on to say that many businesses are creating content which is just too general. Creating content which is very specific around relevant topics will engage current readers and attract new ones.

Once you know who your buyers are, try to understand their personas and create specific content around what they're likely to be searching for. If you have a load of content on your site that's too general, people aren’t going to read it because it doesn't have any value. When writing content, think about this, it has to engaging, interesting and trigger some kind of emotion in the person reading it.

The second tip Greg gives is that it's very important to embrace basic SEO practices when publishing new content. Things like title tags, header tags, meta descriptions and image alt tags are vital to ensure your content can be found so that it benefits your site.

With the world going mobile, having a mobile friendly website will only help to improve your readers experience. It's also become a basic part of SEO, so whether it's on a Smartphone, tablet or laptop, your content should be easily viewable.

Finally in Greg's third tip he states how important it is to answer specific questions on your site for the Hummingbird update. By not answering frequently asked questions your customers are likely to ask, Google is going to have a tough job finding your content. Instead of returning search results based on a few matching keywords, the new algorithm update looks at the meaning of a search query. With this in mind, Google is going to have a hard time finding your content if it doesn't match what the user is looking for.

In conclusion

Try to talk in depth about more focussed topics relevant to your industry. Show that you're a relevant source of interesting information and that you can really pinpoint topics which will grab the attention of your readers. Write content with the reader in mind and that little Hummingbird won't bother you.

What industry do you work in and what focussed content do you write about to engage readers?

Christian Michaels

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