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How to Choose the Right SEO Agency For Your Business

For most small businesses, their SEO campaign will either make or break them. Finding the right SEO provider is vital for ensuring that their website occupies one of those much coveted spaces on page one, but only a genuine SEO professional with a wealth of verifiable professional experience can do this. There are surpluses of illegitimate individuals in the marketing world who claim to be SEO specialists but in actuality, they adopt practices that can result in Google penalties or they fail to meet industry standards and perform the quality SEO campaign the client deserves. Following our tips for vetting SEO agencies you’ll be able to choose an SEO agency that’s worth your time and money.

1. Assess What You Expect from Your SEO Campaign

Identify exactly what you expect from an SEO agency and compare your list against what the agency is offering you. Developing a list of criteria will ensure you don’t go into a business meeting blindly and will prevent you from losing sight of your SEO objectives. In your list you should include things like your budget, how long you want the campaign to last, whether you want to work with a local digital agency in Manchester for example, or a remote agency and how frequently you want to be reported to on progress.

2. Talk to a Few Different SEO Agencies in Your Area

If you’re operating a local business in Manchester it is advisable to talk to at least three SEO providers in Manchester before you make a decision. Talking to multiple agencies will give you a better idea of industry standards and help you determine which agency is willing to go above and beyond for you. It will also give you leverage for negotiations regarding prices and services.

3. Ask the Right Questions

Before you commit to a contract, you need to ask a few questions so you can be assured that you don't end up with a Google penalty. Any honest SEO agency that is committed to helping you should provide detailed answers to all of your questions and be willing to address any concerns you have. Some of the key questions you should ask are:

'Can you guarantee a top position on page one of Google?'- This will help you weed out the shady, money-grabbing agencies as legitimate SEO professionals know that you can never guarantee a top ranking position.

‘Has your agency ever bought links?’- Buying links puts your website at risk of a penguin update penalty or manual action from the Google web spam team.

‘When do your clients start to see results?’- They should reassure you that SEO takes time and doesn’t happen overnight- it’s a work in progress.

'Do you have any examples of work you've done?'-Successful SEO practitioners will be quick to provide case studies or examples of their work. If you hear 'We don't share the results of other clients', be sceptical.

For an honest and reputable SEO agency in Manchester that genuinely cares about driving you to the top of Google rankings, look no further. We have demonstrable experience in helping businesses reach page one and we would love to help you too. Contact our SEO specialist here.




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