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Should I Hire a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?


Here’s the thing; business is brutal. Exciting with the potential for huge rewards, but brutal. Every day new businesses pop up online and another sinks into the dark depths of Google’s search results. *Shudder*. The online success of a business is made up of a great many things. A smart and stimulating website, a strong and proactive social media presence, regular (but not too regular) email communication with relevant news and offers, frequent blogs that target the pains of your audience, and of course the actual running of your business; it’s a lot. Each component though is essential. When businesses become lax in anyone of these areas, you can bet there will be consequences for the credibility and success of the business.

“Please, please tell us how to stop this!” We hear you, don’t worry. Here’s why you should hire a full service digital marketing agency.

Benefit From Full Service Marketing Under One Roof

You may have noticed the italics on full service above – it was no accident. Deciding to outsource your digital marketing services is a tough decision for any business. It can feel like giving away the keys to the classic car – let’s call her Penelope – who you built from scratch. Imagine then, giving a set of keys to a freelance social media body, another set to a content writer, another to an SEO team, one to a pay per click agency, and a final one to a video production team. Poor Penelope will be dizzy from the multi-channel maintenance from multiple marketing agents. And you, of course must keep track of it all. With a full service marketing agency, you and your business can benefit from a team of experts working under one roof. Easy communication and greater control; it’s a no-brainer.

Full Service Agency of Experts Collaborating on Your Digital Strategy

Remember Penelope? With lots of set of keys and control of your business given to lots of marketing bodies, problems can quickly arise. It’s unlikely that they’ll all want to drive Penelope at the same speed, or take the same route. It’s unlikely that this disparate group of digital marketing professionals can agree on a distinct strategy for your business.

As a small powerhouse of marketing experts, we know first-hand the benefits of an in-

house team. Across each of our digital marketing services, we collaborate our expertise to create and implement dynamic, focused digital marketing strategies whilst keeping a consistent brand identity. When looking to hire a full service digital marketing agency, be sure to ask whether their services are outsourced. Want to know what else to ask? You can also find a succinct list of 6 questions for your prospective digital agency here.

Full Service Marketing Agency Gives You Access to Proactive Experts

A proactive digital agency is crucial for seeking new marketing opportunities, as well as responding to any changes within your business. Whether your company is to undergo a rebrand, you need to respond to changes in your sector, business is growing and will incorporate new products or services, or you want to shift focus, a full service marketing agency is ready. With a single phone call or meeting, a full service digital marketing agency can quickly respond and flawlessly deliver a new and effective marketing strategy across each service. No need to do the rounds to your various freelancers; your full service marketing agency has the digital nozzle in the fuel cap and is raring to go the extra mile.

Like a self-built car, the team at Christian Michaels knows to respect your business and we are ready to put our foot on the pedal to accelerate into your success. To learn more about our full service marketing solutions, get in touch today.

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