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A Guide to Content Creation for E-Commerce Retailers

E-commerce retailers often find it challenging to create compelling, share-worthy content. Product pages and sales pitches tend not to get shared, as they do not provide something of value to readers. Therefore, to harness the benefits of content marketing, e-commerce retailers need to take a different approach. Here is our guide to creating content for e-commerce retailers.

Craft Engaging Product Descriptions

The one form of content which almost all e-commerce sites use is product descriptions. Your product descriptions should compel your audience to make a purchase, while also telling them all the information they need to know about your product. To create an outstanding product description it is important to first understand your buyer personas and write with them in mind.

Engaging and effective product descriptions identify the features and benefits of your products, describing the details of your product while also telling your customer how it will solve their problems and issues. Pay attention to the length of your product descriptions, as descriptions that are too short will struggle to rank highly on Google, but lengthy descriptions could put your reader off. For this reason, a combination of full sentence descriptions and bulleted lists is appropriate.

Focus on Valuable Information Rather Than Sales

If your content is relevant and valuable for your target audience, they are more likely to share it and increase your brand awareness. The majority of your content should provide practical information to help your visitors make a decision to purchase. Having a blog and regularly updating it is important to help establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource and provide something of value to your customers which they will be inclined to share.

Blogging helps to develop a discussion with your readers and keep them informed about what is new. Ideas for content which offer value to your audience include: buying guides, how-to posts and videos, FAQs, and analysis of current industry trends. Blogging and social sharing is about building a relationship with your audience and gaining their trust in order to eventually generate sales.

Don’t Forget About SEO

For visitors to find your e-commerce store in the first place, your site needs to be well optimised. Links are one of the most important factors Google takes into account when determining rankings, but many e-commerce retailers struggle to earn inbound links as other sites might be hesitant to promote sales content. Blogging on your own site is a great opportunity to start a conversation with visitors and provide something of value to your audience, but guest blogging is a great way to earn links. Securing a guest blogging opportunity is a great way to promote your content, increase your brand awareness, and earn valuable links which will boost your search rankings.

E-Commerce retailers are often unsure of how to use content marketing to their advantage, but without it they can struggle to establish a brand presence online and progress up the search rankings. On all the e-commerce websites we design, we create engaging product descriptions, blogs, and other forms of content to help boost your site up the search rankings and start conversations with your audience. Get in touch to find out more about how a content strategy can bring your e-commerce website to life.

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