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Understanding Great Web Design is all about Understanding Human Psychology

It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to get it right. Great web design can be crafted from assessing what we, as humans, respond to in everyday life and what your human audience requires from your website. More than keeping the likes of Google happy, your happy human users are the ultimate drivers of your online success. They must be the priority, and in understanding their needs your web design can be cleverly created to positively engage users and push those enquiries and sales. Of course, a skilled web designer is an expert of all things UX – that’s user experience and is the methods by which they ensure users have a positive and satisfying experience on a website. With the help of our web designer here at Christian Michaels, we want to demystify that oh-so-complex human mind, and explain how it will benefit your website.

Cracking the Colour Code for your Website

If you were to paint a room with four walls, floor and ceiling in vibrant red, how would you feel about being in that room? You would probably feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable and maybe even angry. That’s not to say that using red in web design is off limits. In fact, red within reason can offer excitement, luxury, or act to alert the user to various components of your website. Similarly, a cooler colour scheme may be inviting and calming but if poorly delivered risks presenting a website which is bleak and uninspiring.

Cracking the right colour scheme for your website is crucial. Colour is also an

important part of boosting your brand identity since the same colours will be shared across the pages of your website and can be used in social media marketing to secure a much larger audience. It is all about developing familiarity and trust. There’s Selfridges’ yellow, Tiffany’s blue, and Cadbury’s purple, what will yours be?

Happy Visual Hierarchy

Users don’t have the luxury of unlimited time, so you need to provide what their looking for, and fast. Of course, you also want to maximise the time spent on your website which means engaging the user and guiding them to where they need to be as well as influencing where they might want to look next. Effectively guiding the user comes down to visual hierarchy which in essence is all about understanding our good friend and ally, the human brain.

Bombarded immediately by a mass of information, bold titles in the same size and colour, and a bunch of images, what can you expect your users to do except leave your website immediately, never to return. However, make good use of visual hierarchy in your web design and you may lead users easily through any page on your website while offering relevant information in a structure which makes sense. We like to be able to make sense of a website because it satisfies our natural inclination to look for and follow order and patterns.

The Key to Website Content

Accessible, engaging, informative; these qualities are crucial to the success of your website content. And guess what – it can only be achieved by understanding who your audience are and what they want. In our articles, we have spoken a lot about technological advancements and the need to keep up to date with the ever-growing online world, but we have not lost our innate need to be understood. When writing content for a website, we think it is really important to give a personality and human voice to what would otherwise be informative, but pretty lacklustre text. It helps you to form a relationship with your users who can learn to trust in you and your business as people, rather than a cold computer-generated system. Creative, captivating and compassionate content lets the user know that their needs are your priority and in that rests your increasing conversion rate.

Getting to grips with how human psychology can be utilised in web design may seem a little tricky, but handed over to the experts, you can be sure that you, your users, and the search engines will be increasingly content with your website’s performance. Whether you want to find out how an existing website can be optimised for your audience, or you are making your first splash on the online platform, Christian Michaels can help. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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