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Why Great Ecommerce Web Design is Crucial to Successful Online Business

For Ecommerce companies, their website is the platform on which all business is done. It is therefore imperative that it is optimised throughout the web design process to create the ultimate user experience, allowing for easy sales. Whilst great web design has unlimited possibilities, there are a number of factors which constitute every successful Ecommerce website. We are well-versed in Ecommerce web design, creating the best possible platform for our clients. Here we share the fundamentals of Ecommerce websites and why they are essential to building your business brand, and boosting its value.

Ensuring Security

By its very nature, Ecommerce websites handle sensitive and private data which should remain absolutely secure within the system. After all, buying a last-minute gift for your grandma shouldn’t end in an invoice for a cat, a convertible and two tickets to the Caribbean from the cyber-Satan who was able to steal your bank details. During the search process, users can recognise whether or not a website is secure from the URL beneath each Meta title listed on the SERPs. HTTPS signifies that the business is legitimate and that any data or payment details provided are guaranteed to be safe. When the user clicks onto the website, that security is visually signified in the address bar by the lock icon followed by ‘Secure’.

Building Trust

First impressions count. When it comes to websites, that first impression includes where it is ranked in the Google search pages. Web design which is optimised for the search engine is an essential and continuous process in which the team at Christian Michaels thrive. You can learn more about the importance of SEO in our blog.

Trust is the decisive tool in prospective customers making a sale and aesthetically, your website should offer visual trust signals throughout. This begins by presenting clean, clear, pages which are not burdened by chunks of uninspiring and jargon-heavy content. By using high quality optimised images or demonstrative videos to present your products you create a high quality and trustworthy image of your brand.

Active social media accounts can also assist in building your company reputation and online presence. Proving that you are relevant and interested in current affairs surrounding your industry is a great way to interact with and grow your followers. This interaction sways from what would otherwise be a sterile, entirely mechanic and computational service, and rather allows further positive brand recognition and growth.

Showing the Way to Products and Checkout

It is all about optimising your user journey and that means focusing on positive functionality and efficiency. A complicated and tiresome journey to the checkout can mean the difference between a sale with you or one with your competitor.

Think about an air hockey table compared with a bowling alley; in both cases the puck or ball will get to the end just as you want your user to get to the checkout. However, like the bowling alley, a clear straight route through your Ecommerce website will knock down your competition and keep those conversion rates looking healthy rather than bouncing around your site as in air hockey. A skilled web designer will be able to create a website that uses easy navigation with visual aids and frequent Calls To Action.

The checkout process itself should also be well-planned and well-presented. Aptly named the conversion killer, a complex checkout system will quickly see customers abandon your site. Where their hard-earned cash is concerned, customers need to be able to rely upon a transparent and trustworthy system. There are a number of elements to ensure a clear and swift checkout which includes:

• A clear Call to Action button with a large ‘checkout’ label • Displayed security logos • Images to show what products are in the cart plus an edit/delete option • Displaying an easy ‘contact support’ option • Optimising for fast loading time - particularly for mobile users • Show shipping options and prices clearly • De-clutter – you want a clear, clean page

Security, trust, and ease of use are the pillars of Ecommerce victory. If you would like to learn more about how your Ecommerce web design can be optimised for online success, get in touch for a free consultation.

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