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Graphic Design: Grand Designs without Kevin McCloud

Graphic designs are grand designs without having to put up with Kevin McCloud and the hipster couple from London, who may need to re-mortgage their Barbados apartment so they can add a fourth pizza oven to their new property. However, like the properties being built in Grand Designs, graphics should be unique, tailored to your preferences and beautifully constructed. If you aren’t using graphic designs in your social media marketing or promotional materials then this may persuade you.

Graphic Design for Social Media

These days almost everybody and every business can be found on the major social media platforms. What is essential when you are promoting discounts, products or services is that you stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attentions. Here are a few areas that graphic design for social media can help with:

  • Engaging audiences: Poor quality images simply won’t capture imaginations and make you stand out. Whether your content is an image or an infographic, it is essential that they are of a professional standard in order to effectively and positively reflect your brand. By using graphic design, you can stand out and achieve online recognition.

  • A professional online presence: Customers will judge your online pages and presence before even reading your posts. The first thing they will see is your cover photo and logo. If these aren’t eye-catching and professional then prospective customers may go elsewhere, without a positive impression being made, or even leaving them with a negative first impression. All the images and infographics you share should accurately reflect your brand and voice as a company; this will give you that professional look and your brand that much needed familiarity.

  • Addressing your audience quickly: Not many of us have the patience to read through a full article or lengthy post due to being so accustomed to accessing our information quickly and easily. Infographics are an excellent medium when it comes to packing data and information into short and snappy graphics, whilst also remaining engaging and eye-catching. By making the full use of images and infographics, you can convey your message quickly to your audience and in an engaging manner!

  • Getting your content shared:The beauty of social media is that if you can engage with people, they will share your products, pages and promotions, giving your pages and brand greater exposure. Infographics are the most commonly shared type of content and by using their visually bold and beautiful graphics you can encourage social media users to share your services and products. This will further help to cement your brand presence and reputation.

Graphic Design for Leaflets and Promotional Materials

A leaflet, flyer, brochure, poster or business card can be relatively dull and forgettable. In fact, we are so used to seeing these materials in our everyday lives that it is easy to ignore them if they don’t grab our attention. Simply printing words onto a piece of paper will neither engage nor intrigue people; our brains require some form of visual stimuli. Adding graphic designs to your promotional materials is all about injecting a bit of creativity and personality to make it stand out. These graphic designs can be tailored to suit your brand, products and tone of voice too, which gives your business that extra edge of professionalism.

Get Graphic’ed Up

It is no secret that by adding engaging and visually beautiful graphics to your landing pages, social media accounts and promotional materials that they will be more engaging and eye-catching. However, far too many businesses do not capitalise on this. We don’t expect the average Joe to be able to produce enticing graphic designs, so if you need help then get in touch with our professionals. Our graphic designers are a creative bunch and bursting with applied artistic talent. They can design and bring to life your brand imagery. At Christian Michaels we give you grand designs without having to put up with Kevin McCloud.


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