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Relevance and Efficacy: Are You Using Google Ads?

For any of you that don’t know, Google Ads are one of the most impactful, widely used and potentially cost-effective methods of modern marketing. These beautiful little beasts allow you to put your products and services directly in front of your target audience without astronomical costs or complex procedures. In this blog we’d like to tell you why your business should be utilising Google Ads.


Through the use of timing, keywords and geographical specificity, Google Ads allows you to precisely target a relevant audience. These adverts can target people not only by their interests and location, but even by the time of day. So say you own a restaurant in a city, let’s say Birmingham, actually on second thoughts let’s not, there will be plenty of competition and you want to stand out. With Google Ads you could spend a lot of your budget between 11am and 12:30pm when people are looking for where they may want to go for lunch. Through this you would be targeting the most relevant audience who can be directly turned into customers in a matter of minutes, and may even become repeat customers.

Google is by far and away the largest, most used, most trusted and furthest-reaching search platform. You can use this vast engine to target people all over the world who are looking for products and services just like yours. It’s all about getting recognised and effectively marketing your brand. Through using well-researched keywords you can generate highly-relevant traffic and dramatically improve the conversion rate of your website.


Though social media adverts have their benefits, they shouldn’t be the only way you market your services and products. In fact, only using one mode of marketing can be dangerous as your traffic isn’t diverse, instead it is reliant on one platform to provide you with the customers you need. If you want to scale your business, you need to be using Google Ads alongside social media adverts.

Furthermore, a Google audience has a far higher buy intent than those on a social media platform such as Facebook. People scrolling through their social media feeds aren’t always likely to click or pay attention to adverts, whereas a Google audience is actively searching for services like yours. When a prospective customer researches a product or service , you can be on that first page by using Google Ads, and that prospective customer will then be met with the appropriate information on your website which allows you to tell them not only what the product is, but why yours is the best and why they should buy from you.

When it comes to social media ads, you are charged based on impressions and not clicks. So yes, your advert may be seen by a great deal of people, but if none of them click then what was the point? Additionally, social media purchases are often impulse buys, and you can’t rely on impulse buys for services and products which are more expensive!

Our Google Ad Expertise

Though Google Ads are incredibly beneficial for any business, not every business has somebody with the expertise to successfully create and monitor a Google Ads campaign. When Google Ads aren’t set up with the correct knowledge and know-how, businesses can often burn through their budget rather quickly, without seeing any results. So, if you’re thinking about Google Ads but don’t know exactly where to start, then get in touch today. We’ll get your campaign kicked off and ensure it is monitored and altered to enhance its efficacy.



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