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How Would Pep Guardiola Assemble His Digital Marketing Team?

With the Premier League being back again, we thought it would be nice to get a little piece out there relating to the world’s most popular league, within the world’s most popular sport. Like football, digital marketing is a team sport, requiring people with various abilities and mind sets to fit certain positions and maximise the output of those positions.

For example: Lionel Messi would make for a pretty poor centre-back, standing only at 5”7. However, as a forward he will be remembered as a generation-defining talent and arguably the greatest footballer in history. Similarly, a web designer may have all the tools and know-how to build a beautiful website; they may even be the Messi of website building. Yet, they may however not be great at social media, email marketing or copy writing. Assembling the ultimate marketing or football team is about marrying the mind sets and skills of individuals in order to complement one another’s strengths and provide support for any deficiencies.

So with that in mind which positions need filling and what skillsets do these positions require?

SEO – Central Midfield

SEO is a means by which you can deliver people to the right pages on your website, as well as improve the organic ranking of your website on Google. In this sense, it is essential that the right keyword is used to deliver an individual to the right landing page, which is similar to how midfielders must use the right passes to deliver the ball to the right player. The right keyword will guide the customer to your website like Andre Pirlo effortlessly spraying a ball 70 yards across the pitch.

Social Media + Content – Full Backs & Wing Backs

Pace, versatility and intelligence are all appropriate superlatives befitting of modern wide defenders. They must attack and defend, whilst being proactive as well as responsive. This in many ways is like social media and content. Both of these elements of digital marketing require both a proactive and responsive approach, especially social media. These two department, when done well, rely on their practitioners planning ahead, whilst also responding to trending topics and events, which ultimately makes the content more engaging. It is content and social media’s multi-faceted nature which makes them difficult skills to nail on.

Website Design – Central Defence & Goalkeepers

Though CB and GK are two very different positions, they share certain qualities. Firstly and most presently of these similarities is that they are usually the biggest presences on the field, dominating the areas they operate in. The same may be said for your website, it is the centre of your online operation and should give you that much-needed web presence. Like a website, these positions must be absolutely solid, as they are the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.

PPC – Forwards

Like a striker, paid search should be on-target, efficient and eye-catching. Google adverts are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to generate business, and by targeting the right people through using the right keywords, this can be assured. A well-executed Google Ad should drive traffic to your website like Sergio Aguero banging one in from outside the box.

The Perfect Digital Marketing Agency Team

A dream team in football is an assembly of individual talents who would potentially work well together; it is no different for a digital marketing agency. Every team needs individuals who ply their trade professionally and passionately, who also use their skills collectively to conceptualise, create and captivate audiences. We like to think that our little digital marketing agency in Manchester has the depth, skills and application to bring our clients’ brands to life, and indeed we have proven this by achieving more than fifty 5 star reviews! If you’re interested in a Premier League-standard digital marketing agency then get in touch today!


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