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Top Five Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits your SEO

According to a study by Google in October 2016, mobile browsing has now overtaken desktop as the first choice for internet users. What this means is that responsive web design is no longer optional; it is essential, and without it you could take a hit to your rankings. Responsive web design means that your site displays well when the size of the browser is changed, or it is viewed on a mobile device, offering an improved user experience. Here are five ways responsive design can benefit your SEO.

Improved Site Usability

Google views time on page as an indicator of a site’s value to the user. If users cannot easily navigate your site, they are unlikely to spend time exploring your website and eventually converting. Responsive design makes it much easier for users to navigate your site, which will lead to an improved user experience and longer time on page. Time on page and user experience are important ranking factors, so websites with mobile responsive design are favoured by the search engines.

Faster Page Speed

Page loading times are an established ranking factor. Sites which load quickly are favoured by search engines, and offer an improved user experience. Pages with a slow loading speed frustrate users and generally do not rank well in the search results, so websites should be optimised to load as quickly as possible. Mobile responsive websites will usually load faster, especially on mobile devices, which leads to a more positive user experience as well as a boost to search rankings.

Decreased Bounce Rate

Google pays attention to user behaviour at the points when they enter and leave a page. Bounce rate is related to time on site, and Google interprets a very short time on site as a signal that the user didn’t find your content relevant to their query. If your site has a high bounce rate, Google might negatively adjust your rankings.

Design plays just as much of a role as content when it comes to bounce rate, as if your site is difficult to navigate, users will soon leave. Having a mobile responsive design means your site will display your content in mobile-friendly format, meaning users will find the information they are looking for without being distracted by unresponsive design.

Less Duplicate Content

Some businesses choose to create a separate mobile site rather than using responsive web design. This requires using a different URL and duplicating content across both sites. Choosing a mobile responsive web design avoids the need to duplicate content, which will in turn boost your SEO, as using duplicate content across several pages on your website can negatively impact your Google search rankings.

Boosted Social Sharing

Responsive web design can encourage mobile users to share your content through social media. A responsive website will make it easy for users to share content by using clear social sharing buttons. If your site is designed solely for desktop users, the process of sharing a piece of content takes longer, which may deter users from sharing. Furthermore, a mobile user is less likely to share content which does not display well on a mobile device.

The proportion of internet users choosing mobile over desktop browsing will inevitably continue to increase, so now is the time to switch to a mobile responsive design. As a full service digital marketing agency based in South Manchester, we create professional websites which maximise user experience both on desktop and mobile, while also being fully optimised for the search engines. Get in touch with our team to find out how a well-designed mobile responsive website can boost your search rankings.

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