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Empathetic Content Marketing: The Human Behind the Machine

Addressing human psychology in marketing is not a new concept. In fact, we have written many a time about the importance of understanding your audience, and not falling into the egocentric trap.

We may be fully-grown adults, but who doesn’t miss being the small humans whose needs were taken care of, whose meals were made after a long day of playing tag at school, who were helped with homework, who were tucked up into bed with their favourite stories, whose under-the-bed monsters were chased away? Digital marketing, in essence, needs to be the parent, the carer, the friend, the one who has the answers to the important questions and concerns before they’re raised. Creating connections with your audience and having your brand stand out amongst the rabble is no easy task, but by starting with human empathy, you have a fighting chance.

Human-Centred Marketing Addresses Fears and Concerns

Your recognition of human psychology in marketing is essential – and that means less of the “me, me, me” and more understanding. In fact, it’s time to think about your digital marketing strategy less like a job interview (in which you are the interviewee) and more like a psycho-therapy session (in which you are the pro). As a digital marketing agency, we begin devising each client’s marketing strategy by realising what their audience needs, what their greatest fears are, and how we can solve their problems.

In a recent blog by marketing information Mecca, Hubspot, they share 8 examples of effective empathetic content marketing. From exciting infographics to video marketing, and blogs to eBooks, each content marketing method is designed to respond to audience concerns, whilst providing enticing and valuable content. This does two things: it presents you as an expert source and enables your audience to trust in your brand message, and the services or products you offer.

Using Human Psychology in Marketing to Form a Community

Let’s go back to school for a minute. Did you ever have a question in class but you were too afraid to put your hand up in front of your peers? Do you remember the relief when someone else was brave enough to ask? Then of course there would be nods and encouraging mumbles of agreement since it turned out that actually everyone needed the answer.

There’s safety in numbers; fact. Building a community with your digital marketing strategy will encourage your audience to interact with your brand. This is largely made possible by the magical powers of social media marketing – but you must be the brave soul to ask and answer the questions. Whether you address a question in a blog which is then shared across social media, or create infographics, videos, or images to target the specific queries of your audience, by using empathetic content marketing, you can inspire likes, shares, and clicks through to your website.

Human-Centred Marketing is SEO Magic

Here at Christian Michaels, we know a thing or two about SEO. One of those things is that long-tail keywords are the golden ticket to any SEO strategy – or the holy grail, as Neil Patel says (he’s kind of a big deal in the marketing world). Those of you with a little bit of SEO knowledge will probably know the importance of keywords.

Long-tail keywords are a way of stepping out of the heavy competition by understanding exactly what your audience are looking for online. For example the term writing an article around the keywords ‘fruit smoothie’ will have enormous competition, whereas ‘the best fruit smoothie recipes for on-the-go breakfasts’ is far more specific to a particular audience. The second example targets health conscious working people who don’t have a lot of time for breakfast. The first example could be for anyone. Optimising your content strategy around these types of longer tail keywords will not only allow you to address the pain points your potential customers face but rank higher in Google search. Thus driving more relevant traffic to your website.

We understand that you want your business to perform, prosper. And we can help. Marketing is so often thought of as a machine, but it must be powered by human empathy. Start using human psychology in your marketing strategy; get in touch with the team at Christian Michaels today.

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