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Thomas Shelby: Email Marketing Campaign Forefather

Over 3.7 million people sat down on Sunday evening to watch the much-anticipated Peaky Blinders Season 5 premiere. The nation’s favourite Brummy criminal gang returned to our screens, bringing with it the violence, deceit and all-round debauchery for which it is renowned. Whilst our cosy Manchester office is a far cry from the cobbles of 1930’s Birmingham, there are many parallels between ultimate crime boss entrepreneur, Thomas Shelby, and the strategies behind our email marketing services.

Growing Your Empire

If you’ve avidly followed the Shelby family since day one, as we have, you will know that Thomas Shelby, through blood, sweat, and a lot more blood, raised the Shelby name and his Peaky Blinder gang from shady and nefarious beginnings in the backstreets of Birmingham to a respected (feared), profitable and legitimate(ish) enterprise with influence in Parliament. This is the impetus behind any good email marketing campaign – raising the profile of your business. Continuous digital communication with your audience allows you to control your image and fine-tune your presence in the market.

The Shelby image is unmistakeable, love it or hate it, you can’t deny the tailored suits, bladed flat caps and iconic undercut has made them instantly recognisable figures in their domain. Likewise, your email marketing campaigns should be tailored and nuanced in such a way so to effectively communicate your brands ethos and increase overall brand awareness. The more people know who you are, the more powerful you are.

Loyal Subjects

On his journey of infamy, Tommy Shelby had a wide network of people bolstering and protecting him. The police were in his pocket, the Romany gypsies sheltered him and the locals feared yet respected him. He effectively rose to power on the backs of his loyal supporters. Email marketing capitalises on this technique. Even without the crippling fear of violent repercussion, everyone who has opted into your email marketing campaign becomes complicit in your business; they’re interested, they’re following your progress, engaging with your content, they’re propelling growth - the customer is the backbone of your business. Therefore, like Mr Shelby, it is paramount to utilise the client base around you and keep your loyal subjects invested in you, your message and your brand by regularly reaching out and affirming your presence. Holding them at gunpoint helps too.

Influence and Reach

As we know, Shelby Company Ltd has a presence in parliament – the ultimate influential platform of the time. Tommy is now the Instagram influencer of the early 20th Century, and is able to flex his ideas and plans to full capacity, with a scope unprecedented to Season 1 Tommy. Fortunately for us, we live in an age where communicating to our audience and spreading our message doesn’t require years of political ladder climbing and bloodshed. That’s the essence of email marketing - our demographic lies right at our finger tips, and we can cost-effectively, efficiently and instantaneously deliver content and communicate a perfectly tailored message to the masses.

Our Email Marketing Service

Whilst we definitely don’t endorse building a criminal empire as the road to your marketing success, it is undeniable that the relentless, savvy and slick Shelby way is effective in capturing, and keeping, an audience’s attention. If you’re in the market for an email marketing campaign that’s as sharp, tailored and stylish as Tommy Shelby’s suit, then get in touch today.



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