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Email Marketing and The Roman Empire: Communications Master-Classes

So, you’re probably wondering where we’re going with this, stick at it, it’s not a half bad read! Though they were founded millennia apart, there is a key similarity between email marketing and the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was a pioneer of communication, and was able to facilitate and run such a vast empire through its ability to communicate effectively and swiftly. The Ancient Roman Hierarchy was meticulously organised and a system of manageable provinces helped this hierarchy communicate quickly and with little effort.

With the email came a new dawn of transferring information; messages could now be sent immediately and to multiple recipients. Though some think that with the rise of social media the days of emailing are numbered, we don’t agree. Email marketing campaigns may not be nuanced but they are cost effective, brand orientated and targeted.


Like the Roman Empire’s policies, people often consider emails, and marketing through emails, to be an out-dated way of doing things. We couldn’t disagree more, though we think that the Roman Empire’s policies of slavery, military aggression and statue building belong in the past, we still see email marketing as a highly useful tool. In fact, 86% of marketers say it is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their multi-channel marketing strategy. Furthermore, 73% of marketers rate email as the number one digital channel for ROI. Email marketing campaigns still have a great role to play in 21st Century marketing.

Brilliant for Branding

No, not the burning of a scar into a warrior preparing for a gruesome death in the Coliseum, the image of your company! Our email campaigns are meticulously tailored to fit and promote your brand. We don’t simply force your products or services on your customers; we get to know your business and ensure that the essence of each email is representative of your website copy and social media marketing. This means that with each email, your brand becomes increasingly familiar, helping you to build trust with your growing list of subscribers.

Precisely Targeted Campaigns

As much as we would love to inundate you with our favourite excursions of the Roman Army to precisely chosen strategic points, this section will be majoritively, if not solely, based on email marketing campaigns, sorry. The email marketing campaigns that we design and send out aren’t merely based on firing off as many emails as possible. We ensure that the recipients of email campaigns are customers (current or prospective) who have already shown an interest in your company. By using your mail list we can ensure that the campaign is delivered to and personalised around people who are interested in the products or services you provide. We guarantee that each of our campaigns is not only tailored to your company and an appropriate client-base but also that it has a defined aim.

Romans aside, email marketing campaigns are a fantastic way to familiarise your current and future customers with your brand. We ensure that we represent your business and brand by selectively sending targeted and meticulously designed emails with a defined aim. By targeting a client base that has already shown an interest in your business, we can peak their interests, build trust and push sales or enquiries. We create engaging and exciting email campaigns that are tailored to influence those all-important clicks and attract existing and prospective customers to your website, products and promotions. Social media didn’t kill the email star, like Caesar in the Senate; get in touch to find out more about our email marketing campaigns.


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