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Subject Line: Email Isn’t Dead. Preview Text: 4 Benefits of Email Marketing You Must Make Use Of

‘You’ve Got Mail’ may take us back to one of our favourite 90s movies, but the beauty of the email is still going strong today. Yes, social media has taken centre stage somewhat. Yes, crafting a click-worthy email takes a little more time than a Tweet. However, 2018 reports show that the return on investment for email marketing is increasing and as Marketing Week highlighted earlier this year, 78% of marketers agree that email marketing takes the digital top spot for ROI. It’s a pretty huge number, right? Today we want to walk you through the key benefits of email marketing and why 78% of industry experts say you need to start making use of it today.

Benefit #1 Email Marketing Targets an Already Interested Audience

Remember GDPR? As though we could forget…

For all of the sweat and frustration it caused, GDPR has its silver lining. Everyone subscribed to your mailing list has already shown an interest in what you do and what you have to offer. If you think about it, you have a head start on converting an interest into a sale or enquiry. Email marketing is your opportunity to make the most of that. Thinking about exactly what your audience want to see, you can create engaging and exciting email campaigns that are tailored to influence those all-important clicks.

Benefit #2 Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

Unlike in the aforementioned film, emails are no longer limited to a computer. On the daily commute, in the queue for coffee, on an incognito window at work; email marketing campaigns are holding our attention and brands are working their way into our everyday lives. Meticulously tailored to your target audience, email marketing benefits from brand identity projection. Email marketing isn’t a hello, some thrown-together news and a big ‘buy now’ button. The tone of each email is intertwined with that of your website copy and social media marketing along with its design. That means with each email communication, your brand becomes increasingly familiar, helping you to build trust with your growing list of subscribers. Get inspired by email with a recent article by HubSpot where they share the best email marketing campaign examples to date.

Benefit #3 Email Marketing is Cost Effective

There is still nothing more exciting than receiving a hand-written letter, but when it comes to mass marketing, those hours of scrawling are far too expensive. Then there’s the print option; also expensive when you consider print costs, postage fees and the probable throwing into the waste paper basket upon delivery. A great advantage of email marketing is its low-production costs and fantastic opportunity for conversion.

Benefit #4 Email Marketing Success Can Be Measured Easily

Knowing what works and capitalising on that is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Analytics, as well as sales and enquiries tell us whether we’re doing something right – or not. Collating useful information from analytics can be time consuming and a bit of faff, albeit an essential faff. One of the greatest benefits of email marketing however, is how non-faffy it is. Most email marketing campaign builders such as MailChimp and Zoho give detailed analytics all in one place and clearly outlined. These analytic insights include the open rate percentage, a list of those subscribers who opened the email, clicked through on internal links and which links caused them to click. This information can be used to optimise future email campaigns and follow up with potential consumers.

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