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Ecommerce Web Design: How Graphics Can Give Your Business the Growth it Deserves

Any and all Ecommerce websites must be designed with the user in mind, project your brand identity, and provide relevant, informative, and engaging content which will guide the user to a sale. With a growing online retail market, creating a smart, mobile-friendly, and trustworthy website is vital. These are the foundations from which your online presence can see traffic to your website and profits to your pocket increase.

There are thousands, if not millions of Ecommerce companies out there on the World Wide Web. Some are wheezing their way into retirement on page 30 of the search engine results, others are taking off like Usain Bolt’s sprint, a Serena Williams’ serve, or Bradley Wiggins’ will to win. Many, however, sit somewhere in the middle, better than the bottom ranked but not able to make the leap to stardom, or even start taking the steps to get there. As a web design agency we have many Ecommerce clients whose websites, once delivering disappointing results, are now receiving far more views, turbocharged conversion rates, and are climbing the search engine results pages like a monkey does a tree.

There are many aspects to creating a successful Ecommerce website, but here we want to focus on how the use of images and videos can take your website from mediocre to marvellous.

Professional Product Images to Inspire Sales

We all know the phrase ‘you have to see it to believe it’ and it is never truer than on an Ecommerce website. Particularly for small businesses looking to grow their online presence, gaining the trust of new users in order to build their reputation is a crucial component to Ecommerce web design.

Let’s take your product images then. More than simply showing a single mobile uploaded image of a dress, for example, offer a thumbnail gallery showing the different angles, including an ‘action shot’.

In this example the model stands at the bar. A simple addition to the gallery, the image allows the users to imagine themselves wearing the product, music playing, sipping at a well-earned cocktail...The main thing to remember is great lighting and quality, optimised images.

Need another example? A pencil is just a pencil until you wave the web design magic wand and suddenly, we’re excited, by a pencil – a pencil!

Videos to Score a Sale

We have already considered product images, but how about taking that further? To really instil trust of your business in your users, a video showing the product in motion/functioning may be the cherry on top to help you score a sale. From clothes to vacuum cleaners, seeing your products walk the walk is a great additional web design feature to see your website rise above those of your competition. Here are two product video examples from Asos and Dyson.

Search Function and Navigation Bar with a Bit of Something Special

Every part of the web design process should prioritise the ease of use for your visitors. Optimising the user journey – the steps taken to get from search to sale – is essential. For larger Ecommerce websites such as those for fashion and accessories, a search function is a fantastic way to enable an easy, breezy product find. You will find most Ecommerce websites have this function, which is great, but how do we make it better?

As humans we are naturally drawn to images more than text. Colour and design inspire positive response – when done well of course. Take the Skinny Dip London website where the hover function on the navigation bars brings up large optimised images of the product type picked. Here we hovered over stationary:

Whether you have an Ecommerce website that isn’t performing as expected, or are looking to begin your Ecommerce journey, we hope you now feel inspired by the potential for success. The team at Christian Michaels are here to help with killer content, creative web design, and stellar SEO practices. We’re ready when you are. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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