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Ecommerce Success: Capitalise on Black Friday with these 3 Digital Marketing Must-Haves

Black Friday - one of the most important days in the retail calendar, and now is the time to prepare for it. On last year’s Black Friday, the BBC reported sales of £1.4bn in the UK alone, with more and more sales being made online, while brick and mortar footfall is decreasing. What does that mean for Ecommerce? Black Friday has become synonymous with photos of shoppers battling it out over TVs, bikes, robot dogs, and biscuit tins. When it comes to Ecommerce however, it isn’t the customers who are fighting for the win so much as the online retailers. In order to secure the sweet nectar of success (huge sales), your digital marketing strategy must stand out. So, if you haven’t already started putting your digital plans into place, here are the absolute essentials for a brilliant Black Friday.

A Savvy Social Media Strategy to Tease Your Audience Ahead of Black Friday

Who doesn’t love a good teaser trailer before the release of a much anticipated film? They get our hearts racing, fingers tingling and the opening dates etched into our brains. This is exactly how social media marketing can secure your Ecommerce consumers come Black Friday. The days and weeks leading to the big day are just as important as the day itself. With a savvy, seductive, and exciting social media marketing output from a digital agency, you can entice your online consumers ahead of Black Friday, ensuring they know exactly where to go come the big day.

If social media is a candle burning brightly for your business, then paid social advertising is the flame thrower of Black Friday. The beauty of paid social media is that it puts your targeted social media posts exactly where you want them and exactly where they will have the maximum impact. The return on investment from paid social media can be mega since a relatively small budget goes such a long way. Dynamic videos, captivating images, and platform specific optimisation, on Black Friday and these weeks before, you can really ramp up the traffic to your website and the buzz about your products.

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A Fruitful Black Friday with PPC Services

It’s time to really ramp up your website traffic and make the most of Black Friday. Pay per click advertising has the ability to put your business at the top of the first page of the search results in Google – not bad eh? It is alongside a few of your competitors, though. So how do you ensure your ad is clicked? PPC campaign management isn’t simply creating a Google Ad. It involves crafting click-worthy copy that stands out, keyword research, constant monitoring of success and making minor adjustments to ensure your ads are at peak performance. Ecommerce is convenience at its finest, and when sparks are flying from keyboards this Black Friday you need to be at the top of

the search results.

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Killer Conversion Rate Optimisation Services for Black Friday Frenzy

It might be that your competitors have their Black Friday Ecommerce strategy sorted across social media and PPC, but with conversion rate optimisation services, you can bet your website will win the most sales. Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who make a purchase. If you want to capitalise on Black Friday, you had better know your website is up to scratch. With Ecommerce, getting the sale comes down to a number of website factors. On Black Friday, it’s more important than ever that you have super-fast loading speeds, informative and enticing content, a streamlined sales funnel and a trustworthy checkout system.

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On Black Friday, millions of consumers will take to their computers, tablets and phones, for an Ecommerce experience like no other, and you need to be ready. To learn how our small powerhouse of experts can help you achieve enormous results this Black Friday, get in touch.

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