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Is it Time for a Digital Marketing Makeover?

Sir David Attenborough knows better than most that in the wild, it is survival of the fittest. The same can be said for the World Wild Web (before you say, we do know it’s ‘Wide’) where only the strongest brands will survive and thrive online. So how do you make sure yours is one of them?

It all comes down to your digital marketing strategy; sharing your brand message, and understanding exactly what your audience wants. Of course a solid digital marketing strategy should see sales and enquiries increase – but what if it isn’t working? Here at Christian Michaels digital marketing agency in Manchester, we have helped lots of companies who have been let down by internal marketing teams, or have trusted external “experts” to do it for them but not delivered the results. Today we take a look at the signs that it is time for a digital marketing makeover.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Narcissistic

Smart digital marketing agencies know that great marketing is all about forming a relationship with your consumers. Imagine meeting someone for first time and all they talked about was how amazing they are and how much they have achieved without asking a single question about you. How would you feel? Would you want to trust this person? Would you want to go for a coffee with them? Our guess is probably not.

The principle is exactly the same with your digital marketing strategy; it’s a balance. Across content and social media marketing, your digital agency should ask questions, answer questions, generate conversation and make friends with your audience. If your company’s digital marketing strategy is all, ‘you, you, you’ it is time for a rethink.

Digital Marketing Strategies are not Inspiring Investment

The whole purpose of digital marketing is to have your brand recognised and trusted, and consequently enjoy the growth in website traffic and sales and enquiries.

It comes down to your digital marketing agency or internal marketing team to create campaigns to fuel your success. It may be that a marketing strategy which worked in the past is no longer delivering the results it once did – it may also be that your digital marketing agency or internal marketing team have become lazy. It’s a little bit like having your favourite food every day for the rest of your life; sure it was great at the start but a few weeks in and the grilled cheese that once had you salivating at the scent becomes bland, boring, and uninspiring.

If a tired marketing strategy means you are not experiencing an increase in consumer investment, it might be time to shake things up a bit with a new creative digital marketing agency – and some new fillings for your toasty.

Your Brand Message is not Consistent or Tailored

Those with even the slightest bit of branding know-how will understand the importance of consistency.

Just as parents must be a consistent and united front bestowing great wisdom upon their children (please and thank yous, be kind, don’t eat yellow snow, etc.), your content and therefore your brand message needs to inform, entertain, and encourage good decisions – that’s choosing to invest in your products or services. Content must also be tailored to the target audience in order to achieve the best response. For example, your social media marketing strategy must be consistent in its message but address the style of the particular channel (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) in order to get the optimum interaction.

If your digital marketing team are not creating engaging content that really resonates with your audience and is both consistent and tailored to a specific platform, your brand will become irrelevant.

There you have it; three signs that you need a digital marketing makeover. Did any of it sound familiar? To learn how the team of digital marketing experts at Christian Michaels can really boost your business, get in touch today.

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