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Can’t Crank Up Those Conversion Rates? Here Are 5 Ways Websites Go Wrong

We all know about SEO, or search engine optimisation. If your website isn’t returning the sales and enquiries that you expect the response is often the same – ‘Somebody send help, I must improve my SEO!’ Or something similarly dramatic. Here’s the thing; SEO will drive more traffic to your website, and that is its job done. Having those visitors invest their time and money, that comes down to your website’s ability to get conversions. Conversion rate is one of those jargon phrases which is calculated as the percentage of website visitors who are converted into consumers. As a web design agency, we are pretty up to speed with the best practices to ramp up those conversion rates. Rather than focusing on SEO as we have in previous weeks, we want to take a look at CRO, that’s conversion rate optimisation and where websites are going wrong.

Too Few or Too Many CTAs

All web designers love a well-placed call to action. In fact, they like to have a good number of them. A call to action is a great way to get your users where they need to be, when they want to be there. As with all conversion rate optimisation practices, CTA placement is about creating a positive user experience by understanding what your audience wants. What they want is to be directed quickly through your website to the product or service of their choice. A call-to-action, usually in the form of an obviously placed button, is the best way to do this. Too few and your users can feel abandoned and lost on your website; too many and they’ll feel they are being pressured into buying. In either case, your conversion rate is going to take a hit.

Websites with HUGE Forms

Fill in all boxes with *, the enquiry forms say. They ask our name, date of birth, address, insurance policy, full medical history, the middle name of your first pet and all we want is to enquire about a conservatory.

Unfortunately, enormous forms are not uncommon but they can be seriously detrimental to the conversion rate. Great web designers know as well as we mere mortals do, that our time is precious and being hit with a 15 page enquiry form isn’t going to inspire investment. Conversion rate optimisation considers the ease with which the user can get what they want and how long that journey takes. How about we cut down the contact form and offer a call instead?

Uninspiring Website Content

Sigh. A big part of our web design service is writing engaging content for our clients. As such, it pains us greatly to see a website that has been cruelly neglected of creativity, excitement, and care. The purpose of your website is to inform and inspire users to take the plunge and invest in your business. Whether you’re promoting bricklaying or a commercial rocket rides, the content needs to grab and hold the attention of your users. Remember, conversion rate optimisation is all about that positive user experience; keep the user content and you can expect your conversion rates to creep up.

Irrelevant Ads

Whether using Google Ads or Facebook Ads, even Instagram, paying to have your website put in front of your intended audience is without doubt a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website.

Imagine this scenario: after a long day at work, a potential customer slumps down on the sofa and decides that this weekend’s night out needs a 10/10 jaw-dropping jumpsuit (and an espresso martini, but we can’t help with that part). Scrolling through Facebook, they come across your Ad with the perfect piece. Wanting to know how to buy it, they click. It’s looking good for you so far, until the link sends them to your homepage and not the killer jumpsuit. Frustrated and without the time or energy to go searching within the website, they abandon it and head over to ASOS instead.

The same situation can be applied to any sector or service. Conversion rate optimisation ensures that these Ads are as targeted as possible. That means they are targeted to your desired audience, give relevant information, and the link sends users to a relevant and optimised page on your website.

Not Optimised for Mobile

Between meetings, on the daily commute, whilst watching TV, most of us will be found on our phones. More than 70% of Google searches take place on a mobile and your website must be designed with this in mind. That means mobile versions of a website must be fully optimised just as the desktop version should be. Not having a mobile version of a website is one of the fundamental flaws causing a poor conversion rate. Instead of zooming in and out and left and right, give your users a super smart and optimised mobile version of your website.

If your website isn’t performing as well as you need, let us lend a helping hand – or rather a team of hands, and brains, and bodies… The point is the team at Christian Michaels knows how to crank up your conversion rate and see you succeed online. Get in touch for a free consultation today.

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