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Clicks Don't Lie: The Shakira Approach to PPC (Pay Per Click)

We are aware that not only was Shakira not explicitly referring to PPC, but may in fact have no interest in PPC whatsoever. However, the title fits the article so we’re going to go with it.

PPC is an unrivalled way to reach more prospective customers on search engines as it allows you to create tailored adverts around specific products and services, which can be delivered right at the top of Google search, immediately. Furthermore, when your PPC advert appears on Google it will be as a result of a conscious search by the user which is related to that specific service or product. By carefully selecting relevant keywords to trigger these ads you can ensure you’re appearing to a relevant audience actively seeking for the products and services you provide.

So what is the ‘Shakira Approach’?

There is a vibrant and enticing uniqueness to Shakira’s music videos, with somewhat strange dancing and interesting musical melodies. They are visual stimuli which capture our attention and peak our interests, this is the way that Google Ads should be. It is far too simple to merely cram keywords into your Google Ad dialogue without a thought as to how they are presented, and whether those keywords are in fact appropriate and effective.

Indeed, a relatively average song, ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, has over 630 million views on You Tube. The lesson in this is to stand out, be bold and don’t follow the heard. When we create PPC campaigns for our clients, we ensure that they are tailored to stand out amongst the others.

Why is PPC so Important and what can it Do for Your Company?

The way we access websites has been revolutionised by search engines, especially Google. In fact, 95% of online experiences start with one of the major search engines. In a world where people access the websites they need, or find the services they require through a search engine, PPC can be an all-powerful ally in raising your brand awareness, website traffic, organic search rankings, and ultimately… sales!

Effectively using PPC will make your website and services more accessible to existing and prospective customers. Studies have shown that when your site is accessed by way of a PPC ad, the respective visitor is 150% more likely to convert than had they used an organic link.

How Do we Optimise Your PPC Campaigns?

Monitoring Search Terms for Negative Keywords

When using broad or phrase match keywords, your ads can be triggered by search queries which don’t match your services or products. This may result in you needlessly wasting money on undesirable clicks. By closely monitoring the search terms of your campaigns, we can discover those irrelevant keywords and add them back in to the campaign as negative keywords. Negative keywords inform Google Ads which keywords, when searched for, won’t trigger your ads.

An example of this would be:

You run a hairdresser’s which only caters for women. Negative keywords would therefore include men, men's, male, boys, and barber’s. This would stop your ads appearing for any searches which included those negative keywords i.e. ‘hairdressers for men’ ‘men's hairdressers’.

From a campaign performance viewpoint, managing your campaign’s search terms and negative keywords will give you a more accurate understanding of your website’s conversion rates, as there is no longer irrelevant traffic coming through. That way, the clicks really don’t lie!

Optimisation of Website Landing Pages

Once the advert has done its job and delivered somebody to your website it is essential that they are met with an appropriate and well considered page. Your landing page needs to be clear, well designed and captivating, or users will simply click back to Google and find another which meets their requirements and expectations. Your landing page must convince the user to choose your products or services over a competitor.

This is where we step in, with a great deal of experience in web design, we optimise the performance of landing pages by creating bespoke and on-brand designs to captivate your audience and boost sales. Furthermore, Google uses the quality of your landing page to determine overall ad campaign Quality Score, so it is important to make it relevant to the ad, the initial search query, and easy for the user to find what they are looking for. Having a great PPC campaign without the landing page to back it up would be like Shakira dancing with no music; pointless, unimpressive and somewhat sad!

Shake Your Way to the Top of Google

Tenuous Shakira links aside, PPC is a great way to climb the Google ladder. Using a tailored, professional and well-executed PPC campaign will allow your ad to not only stand out from the others, but appear to the right customers who want services and products like yours. If you would like to find out more about how we build our PPC campaigns and how we can help with yours, then get in touch today and speak to our team.



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